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Pilot Razor Point Liquid Ink Marker Pens Extra Fine


Pilot Razor Point 8 Pack (Extra Fine)

These Pilot Razor Point EF pens  (via Amazon) that I picked up from Amazon.com were kind of an impulse purchase. I was doing my Christmas shopping and I am usually a sucker for free shipping so I just start adding stuff to my order, and these pens caught my attention and ended up in my cart. I don’t know if I’m just remembering wrong, or what, but I feel like I have been using this pen or something very similar from Pilot for years now, and I have always enjoy writing with them.

When I did my review on red pens I inadvertently left out the Pilot Razor point even though I included it in the picture, so I thought I would take this opportunity to do a full review on them today. According to the Pilot website these pens won’t dry out or bleed through paper the same as regular markers do, and they have a liquid ink that provides a smooth writing experience.  They also mention that the pens have a tough plastic point, which I can only assume means that if you are a heavy handed writer who presses hard with their pen, this is probably the pen for you.  I did try pressing pretty hard while writing with these, and there seems to be no negative impact on the pen itself, the only difference I noticed was a slightly thicker and darker line as compared to regular writing, but the point itself does seem rather sturdy.

The following writing sample gives you an idea what each of the eight colors looks like, and as you can see I used my usual Levenger paper to test these pens on.  I did also test these pens in a Moleskine, with the expected result of having the ink feather way too much.  When creating the writing sample below, I really noticed how smoothly these pens flow across the paper, there is absolutely no scratching or dragging feeling when you write.


Pilot Razor Point EF Writing Sample

If you take a close look at the tip of this pen (click on the image below) you can see that the point does look like it would be pretty sturdy, and you can also see one of my favorite features of this (and many other pens) which are the fins inside that control the ink flow to the tip of the pen.  I always thought this looked really cool, regardless of the fact that it actually serves a purpose.  An additional thing that you can see in this picture is one of the features of this pen that I dont really like so much, but its more related to the design than the actual function.  If you look closely you can see the big “E” on top of the cap, which is Pilot’s way of indicating the extra fine size, so there is also a big “F” next to that “E” that you cant see in the picture.  The thing that bugs me about this is that if you are going to market a “Razor Point” pen, you would think it was for people who like very small precise markings, so why Pilot did you think that putting a GIANT “EF” on the top of this pen would appeal to the regular user of it?  I could be in the minority here, but I just really think it makes the pen look kind of stupid, and I also just find the design of the clip and the rest of the cap to be a bit bulky and awkward looking.


Pilot Razor Point Extra Fine Close Up

Overall I really do like these pens a lot, regardless of my issues with the cap and the “EF” on the top.  They write very smoothly, and the firmness of the tip provides a nice writing experience that will likely last you for a very long time, as the ink in these seems to last for ever.  I think I am going to be putting some of these pens into an upcoming give away feature that I am still working on ideas for, so if you think would like these, be sure to check back to see when I will be doing that contest, otherwise you can pick up your own Pilot Razor Point EF pens   (via Amazon) here.

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