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Pilot Vanishing Point EF Black Nib


I’ve had my Pilot Vanishing Point in Matte Black (original review) for quite a while and for a while I had been wanting to get the black nib to go with it.  When I was at the DC Pen show last year I finally grabbed one from the good folks at Crazy Alan’s Emporium when I got my Bamboo version of the Vanishing Point too.


So here is a close up of the Pilot Vanishing Point EF nib in all black.  I’m always a sucker for things that are all black so having the option to upgrade my all black pen with an all black nib was a no brainer.  I also wanted to have an EF nib instead of the regular F nib for this pen because I felt like I was burning through ink too fast.  My assumption was that I’d probably use less ink in going with the EF over the F nib, which seems to be the case after having used my Bamboo version of the pen with an EF nib.  You can see from the photo above that the Pilot Vanishing Point all black nib is also 18k gold under the black coating.


Once inside the pen, the Pilot Vanishing Point with black nib really looks stealthy now, which was what I was going after.  I know it seems kind of crazy to put so much emphasis on something that is basically only about 1/3 of an inch visible when in use, and then the rest of the time isn’t even visible, but its just one of those little things that made a difference to me…which is what the fountain pen experience should be.  It should be something that you personally enjoy and having the ability to customize a little bit with these pens makes it even better.

Writing Sample with Pilot Vanishing Point EF Black Nib:


As I’ve had plenty of time with my Pilot Vanishing Point Bamboo with the EF nib, I pretty much knew what to expect with the all black version of the same size, and it performed just like I had expected.  There is definitely a little bit of a tight and scratchy feel but overall in comparison its what I’d expect for an EF nib.  It does a great job with keeping a constant flow, its a little more on the dry side which I prefer, but definitely not so dry that it ever skips.  The sample above is in my trusty Black n’ Red notebook and with some old Levenger Cardinal Red fountain pen ink.


Overall I couldn’t be happier with the look and performance of my Pilot Vanishing Point all black nib in EF paired up with my matte black version of the pen.  Many thanks again to the good folks at Crazy Alan’s Emporium for the great service and for the little extra bloggers discount.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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