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Pilot Vanishing Point Stylus Hack Not Really a Hack


So something I kind of stumbled on by mistake is that there is a Pilot Vanishing Point stylus hack, that well isn’t really a hack…because you just pick it up and use it like a stylus.  Check out the video below for a little additional detail though.

For some reason this didn’t work well at all with an iPhone and surprisingly (to me at least) the bamboo version of the Pilot Vanishing Point also works.  Also, there is the obvious concern about tapping and dragging metal across the screen of your phone, but in my case I do have a screen protector and I don’t use it as a stylus too often.  I’d actually be more worried about the finish of the pen than the screen though.  Anyway, like I said check out the video above to see the Pilot Vanishing Point stylus in action and have a happy Friday!

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