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Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen Review


Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen Capped

The Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen is a pretty unique and futuristic looking fountain pen that I picked up from JetPens recently, simply because of its design.  As a beginner fountain pen though, its definitely worth a closer look.


Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen Cap Posted

With the cap twisted shut on the pen, it measures about 5″ long making it pretty compact and easy to tuck away in most bags, pencil cases or even your pocket.  Posting the cap on the back brings the length to about 5.75 inches while writing with it.  When posting the cap it snaps on securely.  With the pen open you can see the orange ribbed rubbery grip which definitely helped to make for a pretty comfortable and controlled writing experience.


Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen

Personally I like the silver UFO looking ring that  is at the end of the cap, although I think it would look better against a black background rather than the metallic gray found here.  The Pilot Vortex can take either cartridges or a converter to load up your favorite ink and get to writing.

Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen Writing Sample.


Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen Writing Sample with Fine Nib

Writing with the Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen was a fairly enjoyable experience.  It wasn’t the smoothest feeling nib that I’ve ever written with, however it definitely turned out an acceptable performance for a beginner fountain pen.  I would classify the writing as being a bit on the dry side, but there was definitely a consistent, smooth, and unbroken line of ink that flowed from the pen.  Personally this wouldn’t be my first choice for a beginner fountain pen.  I do like that it has a twist on cap that posts with a snap, and it is certainly very unique looking with lots of colors to pick from, so it definitely will fill the need for a large group of people out there.  Grab a Pilot Vortex from JetPens if you want to stand out from the crowd, or if you just want a fun beginner fountain pen to try your hand at writing with a fountain pen.

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