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Place Emphasis on Content While Designing a Web Page

Content is an essential part of any web designing process. However, writing web content is entirely different from writing for any printed elements. Web traffic in Jersey hunt for specific information in a website  and quickly scan through web pages. They do not have time to read word by word.  Thus, for attracting web traffic  a writer should follow certain guidelines.

Use simple and comprehensible language

Reading from websites is comparatively slower than reading from printed materials. If the words are easy to understand then the web users will stay on a page otherwise they will leave a site and search for information from other sites.

Some tips to use clear and simple language involve

·         Use shorter words where possible

·         Avoid any kind of jargon or slangs

·         Avoid any complex sentence structures

·         Use active voice rather than passive

Only one idea should be reflected in a paragraph

Assigning an idea in a paragraph will benefit visitors in several ways. A site visitor can

Easily scan through each paragraph

Quickly understand the gist of a paragraph

In such circumstances a web designer has less fear that a visitor will skip most essential information. Since they have an idea about a paragraph already.

Front-load content

Putting the conclusion first will help a site visitor to understand what is the content. They can make a decision whether to stay on that page or not. This front-loading process applies to paragraphs as well as web pages. Many websites do not adhere to this format and end up writing a story. Though there is an introduction, middle and conclusion; but there are few who avoid reading all the text to the bottom of the screen. So, there are high chances that a user overlooks a potion  of the text and skips to the next web page. It can be most essential portion. So it is better to put the conclusion first.

Use descriptive sub-headings

Descriptive sub headings allow a visitor to easily understand section of a page. Main heading provides an overall view about the page. Various sub-themes can be put across with these sub-headings. There is no rule about how many times a subheading can be used; a writer can use a subheading for few logical paragraphs expressing the same idea.

Bold important words

Bolding important words will assist users to easily and quickly locate information. However, make sure that the words you are bolding convey a meaning. Make two or three words bold that describes main point of a paragraph. By viewing these words one can easily understand what the paragraph is all about.

Alignment of text

Align text left. It is easy to follow left aligned text than to read a justified text. Right and centre aligned texts slow down reading.

While doing web design in Jersey proper synchronization of content with graphics can complete the look of a website. Colors, typefaces, symbols and graphics are essential parts of a website. Neglecting even a single element can detriment site visitors. So, place equal importance on all the factors that will be reflected on a web page.

Author Bio

Jaylon Owen is a web designer by profession and a freelance writer by passion. He spends most of his time researching  new themes and templates. Jaylon also takes interest in creative writing and photo editing.  Currently he is covering news on the latest trends of web development in Jersey .

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