Places to Get Married in Iowa

As anyone who has spent much time in Iowa knows, this region’s weather is notoriously inconsistent. For this reason, if you are considering an outdoor wedding, it is a good idea to have a back-up plan. You would not want to plan a lovely outdoor wedding, only to have it spoiled by a sudden, drastic weather change.

An additional factor regarding outdoor weddings is the particular property which you are considering. If the property is under state or local ownership, you need to find out if you would be allowed to hold your ceremony there, and if there are any requirements for you to do so.

If your preference is for an outdoor wedding, Iowa has some beautiful possibilities from which you can choose. One idea is a state park. As Iowa has dozens of state parks, it should not be difficult to find one in the location where you wish to be married. Although each park has its own unique features, an Iowa state park can be the ideal setting for your wedding ceremony. There is no nicer way to begin your married life than in the lovely surroundings of nature.

Living History Farms is a favorite spot amongst Iowans. Located in Urbandale, Iowa, only a few miles from Des Moines, Living History Farms offers a special feature to couples who are planning their wedding. You can have your wedding at the Church of the Land, blending Iowa’s rich historical traditions with the future which you are beginning together.

You may be thinking of something upscale and formal for your wedding. Decorah, Iowa, has an answer to the wedding of your dreams. The Hotel Winneshiek can be the ideal setting, not only for the ceremony itself but also for your reception. If upscale and grand are words which come to mind when you think of your wedding, Decorah’s Hotel Winneshiek may be the perfect place for you.

If old-fashioned, quaint, and sweet describe the wedding of your dreams, the Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel in Dallas Center may suit your tastes. While you may find other wedding chapels, the Candle Lit Way Wedding Chapel is one of the nicest. The building itself has stood since 1883. Whether you are thinking in terms of a small wedding, an elopement, or your reception, this chapel is a delightful choice.

As many people prefer the sense of tradition based on getting married in a church, this is also an option for you. If you are not a member of a specific church, you should check with the one you are considering to ask if they will conduct wedding ceremonies for non-members. On the other hand, if having your ceremony conducted by a member of the clergy is the most important factor for you, Iowa has many independent ministers who would be happy to officiate at your wedding in an appropriate location. You might wish to get married in your own home, or in a favorite spot that is especially significant to you and your future spouse.

When you think about all of your options, deciding on the location that is right for you will be an enjoyable experience.


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