Places to Get Married in Las Vegas


Authored by Sylvia Cochran in Nevada
Published on 12-23-2009

If you are looking for a veritable smorgasbord of options, you will find the best places to get married in Las Vegas. Alternately known as “Sin City” or the “Marriage Capital of the World,” it is home to opulent hotel casinos with wedding venues onsite; on the other hand, small wedding chapels line the Las Vegas Strip in between casinos and tourist trap stores. Which are the places to get married you ask?

  • The Golden Nugget Casino and Hotel. This is an old-school kind of casino off the Strip. Part of the Fremont Street Experience, the Golden Nugget has been a landmark since 1946. In an ever changing world of glitz and bigger, louder casinos, the Golden Nugget has held its own and kept prices down in the process. For a budget conscious bride and groom, the wedding chapel in the casino’s hotel offers a complete package for as low as $600 (in 2009).
  • The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. A must-see venue for the bride and groom with the extraordinary background requirement and taste for the unusual. Would you like your wedding to take part inside a tomb, be conducted by an Alice Cooper look-alike officiant, or do you want the wedding party to dress up like the participants of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? If this is you, then the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is your ticket.
  • The Bellagio Wedding Chapels. Of all the places to get married in Las Vegas, the Bellagio defines opulence and cost. There are two wedding chapels on the property – the South and the East chapels – which can hold 130 and 30 occupants respectively. An exterior wedding venue is the Terrazza Di Sogno, which allows for the nuptials to take place on a grand staircase. This is not the place for the budget conscious! The ultimate wedding package (in 2009) was the Cosa Bella with a price tag of $16,000. That being said, the Bellagio is uniquely qualified for hosting Jewish weddings, as the venue goes to great lengths to incorporate all the required elements of Jewish faith nuptials.
  • Bali Hai Golf Club. If a casino is simply not the kind of wedding venue you envision — and a wedding chapel is far too kitschy for your taste — the Bali Hai Golf Club provides an excellent compromise. You find this venue on the Las Vegas Strip, nestled next to the luxurious Mandalay Bay Resort. Even though it is impossible to escape the city’s surroundings, the golf club is blessedly devoid of the trappings that make Vegas, well, Vegas.

As you investigate the various places to get married in Las Vegas, remember that each locale has rules and requirements when it comes to hiring photographers, caterers and florists. In some cases, as may be the case with the Bellagio, you are limited to using their professionals. In other cases, as is common among the smaller wedding chapels, you can bring in anyone you choose.

Just remember that what seems novel and cool right now, may not be all that impressive in a few short years from now. Unless you want to show your children and grandchildren your wedding pictures that look like Halloween in July, be careful with the excesses you plan on.


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