Places to Propose in Las Vegas

Known as Sin City, Las Vegas is nevertheless oftentimes referred to as the wedding capital of the world. That being said, there is no reason to not also look to the sights and sounds of Vegas for a marriage proposal. Of course, with so many different places to propose in Las Vegas, finding just the right one takes a bit of planning and research.

Bellagio Fountain Display

The Bellagio is a gorgeous venue and features a lot of understated elegance and opulent luxury. That being said, it even offers something for free to those travelers, who simply cannot afford the oftentimes steep room rates – a fountain display. The backdrop for the water play is classical music – sometimes also contemporary pop – and it creates a festive atmosphere.

Have the ring handy and if the light show, water play and music transport you into a romantic mood, you might just go ahead and get down on one knee to pop the question. There is, of course, a bit of a downside to this plan: the Bellagio Fountain is a huge tourist attraction and your proposal will be witnessed by countless onlookers. This is one of the places to propose in Las Vegas when you are sure that the answer will be “yes.”

Venetian Gondola Ride

Venetian gondola rides are not free, but they are a wonderful experience. Your gondolier transports you along the canals within the Venetian and occasionally burst into song. The painted sky makes it always look like three in the afternoon, and the carefully crafted bridges complete the illusion of Venice.

Alert your gondolier to your plans ahead of time, so that he knows to slow down when you reach a particular romantic spot – usually right under a bridge – during the ride. Getting down on one knee might be tough to do in the gondola, but putting a ring on her finger is no problem. When you receive the “yes,” signal your gondolier and he is sure to burst out in more songs. (Don’t forget to tip him well!)

Stratosphere Tower Restaurant

Capitalize on the breathtaking view from the top of the Stratosphere Tower and enjoy a leisurely dinner. Dusk is the perfect time for this undertaking, since the lights are just starting to twinkle. As dessert arrives, you may consider proposing to your beloved. Conversely, you might just go into cahoots with the wait staff and have the ring served up on a specially engraved plate. Since you only get one chance at your marriage proposal, make sure that this is a dinner to remember!

Exercise Caution When Searching for Places to Propose in Las Vegas

While romance is ample in Sin City, so is the number one revenue maker: gambling. You don’t want your proposal overshadowed by noisy machines or chain smoking gamblers; consider a few different venues before getting to Las Vegas. When you and your sweetheart arrive at one of the places on the short list, look around and make sure that the atmosphere is right. If it looks a bit off, wait until you visit the next locale and propose there.


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