Places to Visit in Ann Arbor A Picturesque City

Authored by Ahmad Fairoz in United States 
Published on 12-04-2008

Ann Arbor is the seventh largest city in Michigan, United States of America. It is located 35 miles north from the Ohio border and is about 45 miles west from Detroit. The city got its name, Ann Arbor, from the name of its founder’s Spouse. This city is also known as the county seat of Washtenaw County. According to a census in the year 2000, the population of this city was about 114,024 including the 30,000 students of University of Michigan. The University of Michigan was transferred to Ann Arbor from Detroit in 1837. The University of Michigan and especially including its medical center is the largest employer in the city.

The city now has become popular as a place of tourism for its food and Entertainment. Some of the places of attractions in the city are as follows:

University of Michigan

This beautiful university has made Ann Arbor known as the university town in the United States. One can see a sprawling campus in the university with eye grasping greenery, distributed in its variety of parks. One should never miss the chance to visit the most scenic spot in Ann Arbor, North Campus in the University of Michigan. If you have a lot of interest in architecture, the North Campus is surely the best place for you.

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

It is another interesting place in the city. The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum was built in 1882 which was actually housed in the city’s historic firehouse. The museum is a good learning place for young kids, especially for those who are below 10 years of age. One will find the museum very impressive on their first visit. The museum provides a place for young kids where they can engage in and educate themselves through interactive games and puzzles, and they also can have fun through water play and physical exercises. There are various science related activities targeted towards adults also at affordable prices. If you are interested in experiments and scientific facts, do engage in some of the activities.

Leslie Science Center

This place is suited for those who have deep interest in science. Every week, a number of workshops, activities, etc. are held in the center for kids, making it a perfect place for the kids to spend the summers. Some of the city’s best restaurants are located near this science center, where one can indeed spend a delicious afternoon and that too, at a very affordable price.

Museum of National History

The museum of National history is also one of the best recreational centers the city has got to offer. This museum is situated inside the campus of the University of Michigan. The museum displays an extensive collection of artifacts and the exhibits are unique in themselves. The added bonuses, like the Planetarium show makes the museum even more interesting. The museum boasts of its large collection of fossils, including those of Dinosaurs, mammoths and extinct animals which existed in the prehistoric times.


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