Places to Visit in Argentina

One mention of Argentina evokes mental images of beaches, all night parties, and lots of beef dishes. But this South American country has so much more to offer any visitor, between the gorgeous national parks, rich history and architecture, and blossoming cinematic influence. Below is a list of places to see and things to do during your visit to Argentina.

Peninsula Valdes juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and is inhabited by over a hundred species of birds on the inland portion, while sea lions and seals reside on the beaches. There are gulfs nearby where whales mate and give birth, making it an ideal starting place for a whale watching adventure.

There are glaciers all over Argentina. Glacier Upsala is touted as being the largest glacier in South America; meanwhile, Perito Moreno is the only glacier in the entire world that is still growing in size. Paque Nacional Los Glaciares, which translates to Glacier National Park, is also found in Argentina.

Mar del Pata is south of Buenos Aires and has a boom in the amount of tourists coming through, which has boosted the economy with new jobs. This city hosts an annual international film festival, as well as the Mar del Plata Marathon every December. Spring and summer in Mar del Plata are all about fishing and boats.

And finally, a visit to the capital, Buenos Aires, will reiterate those dreams of the party lifestyle while creating new memories of an intellectual hub. It is possible to visit the National Library and the University of Buenos Aires during the day, then go out at night to sample local fare, tango, and enjoy a bottle of the wine that the country is so well known for.

While there are many great places to visit any time of the year, there is one celebrations that shouldn’t be missed. El Carnaval del Pais is popular in Argentina and tends to bring out the party animal in residents and tourists alike. (While none can rival Brazil’s Carnaval, this one makes an excellent substitute.)

The beauty of Argentina is that not only does it offer something for everyone – the history buff, the beach lounger, the foodie – but the residents have a reputation for being friendly and helpful to tourists. This may not seem like an important fact, but when someone who cannot fluently speak the language finds themselves lost in another country, a little kindness from someone who knows the region goes a long way. Perhaps everyone should go to Argentina, if only to learn how to treat foreigners with patience and generosity.


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