Places to Visit in Atlanta


Authored by Emeka Justice in Georgia
Published on 03-24-2009

Atlanta, Georgia is full of southern hospitality and wonderful places to visit. Plan a trip to Atlanta for your next family vacation and enjoy all the attractions of a beautiful city. From restaurants to zoos, Atlanta has all there if to offer.

Atlanta is home to the Coca-Cola museum where you can go and learn the history of the most famous soft drink to hit the United States. Here you will be able to see the world’s largest collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia in the world. Enjoy their 4-D movie theaters, which is actually a 3-D theater that has moving seats. Watch a fully functional plant line that makes 8 ounce collector’s bottles of Coca-Cola or get in on the taste testing of over 60 different products. The best part is you can meet the Coca-Cola Polar Bear and the kids will love that.

Another great place to visit in Atlanta is the Zoo Atlanta. Visit and enjoy the gorillas and orangutans as they eat their lunch or hop a ride on the Blue Flame Express train. The kids will have a lot of fun at the Zoo Atlanta with the rides and animal attractions that are offered. Zoo Atlanta has animals from the clouded leopard to the elephant and nearly everything in between. For a great day with the family and a learning experience, visit Zoo Atlanta.

Take the time while visiting in Atlanta to stop in the Martin Luther King, Jr. museum for a historical adventure in civil rights. Established in 1968 by Coretta Scott King, this is a living memorial in dedication to the memory of Dr. King. Witness televised interviews of the past that are filled with racist comments and see for yourself how far we have become today from the time when Dr. King made such an awesome difference in society.

The Georgia Aquarium, located in downtown Atlanta, is the world’s largest aquarium and boasts 500 species of animals in more than eight million gallons of water. With 60 beautiful exhibits, visitor’s will be a given a look at some of the most amazing creatures on earth. The Georgia Aquarium will entertain and educate those of every age.

Be sure to visit the Centennial Olympic Park while in Atlanta. The park is home to the famous Fountain of Rings, the world’s largest fountain that is interactive. The fountain has the symbol of the five Olympic Rings and each one of those rings is 25 feet in diameter. Visitors need to remember to bring along a camera. Many community events take place at the centennial Olympic park, including a Fourth of July celebration.

For a step back into history, visit the Atlanta History Center. You can you’re the Tullie Smith Farm that still stands like it did in the 1840’s when Robert Smith’s family built it. Another great house at the Atlanta History Center is the house of Margaret Mitchell. Margaret Mitchell is the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning “Gone with the Wind” and this house at Atlanta history Center is where she lives when she wrote it.


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