Places to Visit in Berlin, a City Like No Other


Authored by Ted Espinosa in Europe
Published on 11-29-2008

A trip to Germany will surely be incomplete if you won’t pay a visit to Berlin. Among the sixteen constituent states of Germany, this city is regarded as the main center of activity as it is also the capital. Apart from being the core for entertainment and business, the place is also the largest city in the country – with an estimated population of 4.2 million in the metropolis. Berliners are known for their friendly and helpful attitude. However, tourists should also watch out for the popular “Berliner Schnauze,” that rough attitude that can seem rude.

Architecture in Berlin

For those who are interested in architectural sights, Berlin is a must-visit site. It has classic structures that will bring delight to those who are in pursuit of exploring and learning the history of city from a structural point of view. Although the city has suffered from terrible damages during the World War II, it has recovered greatly through a series of renovations and reconstructions promoted by the government.

What’s unique about Berlin is the fact that is does not only provide reconstructions from the past. Rather, it has architectural representatives from various periods of history. These structures abound, especially within the center of the city. One of the most notable structures that Berlin offers is the Alexanderplatz, a building from the medieval period. For those who want to have a more modern view, the Potsdamer Platz made out of modern glass and steel is a great sight.

What to Do and Where to Visit

Aside from its historical offers, Berlin is populated by many tourists all throughout the year because it offers its guests with a wide variety of activities to do and places to visit. For the modern party-goer, the city offers many cafes, clubs and bars. In fact, locals can attest to the fact that “there is no other European city that ‘parties’ harder than Berlin”.

Tourists often note that cities from the western region are “tamer” than Berlin. In this entertainment capital, you can find many pubs and clubs where you can dance your night away. In fact, you won’t even have to ask around if you want to go to clubs. Instead, you can easily spot party places especially if you are in the eastern part of the city. As proof that Berlin is indeed a party center, it has already hosted the “Love Parade”, an event wherein millions of people from all around the globe mingle and move to the beat of techno and electronic music.

Aside from partying, tourists can also opt to go on picnics. The city abounds with parks and rivers. In fact, 60% of the place is green! Strolling, sight seeing, and sipping coffee are also among the most pleasurable activities that tourists can do, especially if they are in the areas of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, and Kreuzberg. Many upscale shopping areas can also be found in the area. For those who want to get souvenirs and for those who simply want to get the latest apparel, a quick stop at the many department stores and small boutiques will let allow one to find the latest in European trends and fashion.


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