Places to Visit in Chattanooga A Scenic City in Tennessee

Authored by Ahmad Fairoz in United States 
Published on 12-06-2008

Chattanooga is known as the fourth largest city in Tennessee. It is located in the heart of the Tennessee Valley where the three places known as Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia meet.

According to National Geographic Magazine, this city is one of the 50 best places to live in the world. Such studies are a concrete proof of what the city offers to its citizens. There are many attractions you can enjoy in this city. What we will showcase here is just some of them. To actually know and enjoy these great sights, you have to visit the city in order to appreciate their true beauty.

Warner Park Zoo

Warner Park Zoo is a great place for the kids to have a day out. Kids love watching strange and exotic animals, which they won’t usually see in the wild. Warner Park Zoo does not house any of the larger animals but has a fantastic collection of amphibians, reptiles and other smaller animals. The sizes are small, meaning the exhibits won’t overtly frighten your children. The crowds too are sparse on most days, ensuring a pleasant experience for you and your family. The entrance fees are affordable and stand at $6 for adults, $4 for adults, $3 for children aged 3-15 and free for children under 3 years old.

International Towing and Recovery Museum

Don’t forget to visit International Towing and Recovery Museum when you’re at Chattanooga. This museum offers hundreds of historical items from antique collectors to collectible items from world famous collections. Another interesting piece of info about this museum is that all the exhibits and the museum itself is sustained on donations and grants from corporations.

Tennessee Aquarium

Your trip to Chattanooga is not complete if you not taking some time to visit Tennessee Aquarium. Enjoy yourself by watching snakes, birds, fish, turtles and other aquatic wildlife. It’s so amazing that you wouldn’t want to leave all day! Tennessee Aquarium has two separate buildings. One is for river journeys and another one is for an ocean journey. You can buy the entrance tickets online. Just go to www.tnaqua.org and navigate to the buy tickets button. Other detail like fees for different age groups is provided there.

Riverbend Festival

Riverbend Festival is the best way to be entertained during your stay at Chattanooga. This festival has been showcasing top musical acts for more than twenty years. It attracts many of the top stars of world each June every year. Stars like Carlos Santana, Gloria Estefan, Alamaba, Nickel Creek and many more have performed in this festival. The atmosphere is really awesome and attracts a huge crowd which coupled with some mind blowing music makes for a great experience. Don’t worry about food. You can have it from many street vendors around the place. Some of them also sell souvenirs and local crafts for the whole nine-day event. If you been there once, you’d surely want to be there again and again!


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