Places to Visit in Madison, Wisconsin City of Contrasts

Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, is a lively and sprawling town of over 220,000 Madisonians, which sits on the shores on Lake Morona. In fact, Madison is full of places of interests and is one of the fastest growing cities, in the state. So, the tour of Madison, Wisconsin begins now!

So, you have just arrived in Madison, Wisconsin, by plane, at the Dane County Regional Airport and you are looking for a place to lay your head down after the long plane ride. Well, you are in luck, since Madison had many hotels that you can stay in and here are a few of them:

Radisson Hotel of Madison

The Radisson Hotel of Madison is a very fine place to stay in while in Madison, since it is located in the downtown part of the city and is near most of the shopping centers and restaurants in the city. In fact, as low as $105 a night, you will receive all the comforts and friendly customer service that you desire.

Sheraton Hotel of Madison

The Sheraton Hotel of Madison is located near the shores of the beautiful Lake Morona and is rated as one of the top hotels in the city. The hotel’s amenities and level of customer service are similar to the city’s Radisson hotel – all for only a rate of as low as $112 per night.

Looking for a place or two to eat? Madison has dozens of lively and bustling restaurants that are calling for your taste buds and to satisfy them. Here, we will overview a few of these restaurants:

Lambardinos Restaurant

If you love Italian food, Lambardinos restaurant is for you. Located near the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, the restaurant provides you with a lively atmosphere, filled with friendly and casual conversation, a fine and dedicated customer service and most of all, some of the finest Italian cuisines that are found in the city. Also, why not indulge in some of the restaurants’ fine wine collection, which is sure to set off your flavor-starving taste buds.

Le Chardonnay Restaurant

Also, located in Madison, the Le Chardonnay restaurant caters to all who want a taste of some fine Mediterranean food and wine. Yes, imagine indulging yourself in a fine French dish, while sipping on some fine French wine or champagne – all this in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

Now, before or after you have satisfied your taste buds, you might want to look at a few places of interest, in Madison.

Club 5

If you love the nightlife, you should check out “Club 5,” located in south central Madison. There, you can and relax to a bit of karaoke and dancing (regular and line). Imagine dancing to your favorite tunes, while swigging down a drink or two and meeting new people.

West Towne Mall

If you love shopping, the West Town Mall, located in the west side of Madison, is a great place to shop and have fun! While, in the mall, you can stroll through many of the department stores, kiosks and food courts, that are inside the mall. Yes, browse and buy your favorite clothing, at kiosks like Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic and Hollister.

Well, there are more places to see, while in Madison, and these are only a few of them for you to explore. So, when you come to Madison, Wisconsin, come not only for the cheese, but to, also, see what this fine city has to offer you – in sight and sound!


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