Places to Visit in Melbourne

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The beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia is the home to almost three million Australians and is also the second largest city in the island/country/continent. The city has an vast array of nice, sandy beaches, great shopping centers, beautiful parks, museums, concert halls, excellent restaurants, and top notch hotels to keep you both busy and having a great time. The city is one of the best places for people to visit in Australia with it’s incredible passion for food, wine, fashion and a fabulous arts scene.

Richmond Hill Hotel

The Richmond Hill Hotel is a very nice place to stay and is located about 4kms from downtown Melbourne. The hotel offers its guest such amenities as 24-hour reception services, laundry/dry cleaning services, an in-house bar, open fireplaces in most of the rooms, a private balcony in each room with an amazing view, and much more! Room rates for this hotel are as low as $60 a night, which is pretty good for the area.

The Argy Bargy

The Argy Bargy is one of Melbourne’s top restaurants and a place where you can unwind, eat, and drink some of the finest, authentic ethnic cuisine and wine. Imagine yourself kicking back in a great Australian restaurant, while knocking down a few local cocktails and a mouth watering dessert pizza.

Clothing/Gift Shops in Melbourne Central

Before or after you have settled in Melbourne, you should check out and shop at the many great clothing and gift stores that Melbourne has to offer you. Department stores like Armani Exchange, The Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger and others are great places to do your shopping at.

Sporting Events in Melbourne

Sometime during your stay in Melbourne, you might have the chance to check out some of the local sporting events that are taking place all year round there. Right now, there is the Melbourne Cup Carnival, a carnival that has activities such as fashion shows, food, drink and dancing. Also, you should check out the Spring Racing Festival, where you get to see some thoroughbred races and fashion/ social events. If you are a rugby lover, watch Australian Rules Football with excitement and delight, it is a very fun time for sure.

Theatre/Musicals in Melbourne

Next, we shall explore some of the musicals/theatricals that are going on in Melbourne. Right now, at the Regent Theatre, the musical, “Wicked” is playing. Enjoy yourself and relax while seeing the untold story of the friendship between the witches of Oz’s Glinda and Elphaba. If you are up for more theater, there is the current production, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The musical is being played at the Comedy Theatre. Enjoy a night of straight, hilarious comedy with one of the world’s famous rock and roll musicals.

In short, there is plenty to do and see in the ever-lively city of Melbourne, Australia. This guide should help you a long ways, in terms of finding and seeing wonderful places and events there.


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