Places To Visit in Missouri

Missouri is a beautiful state, and a great travel destination for families. You don’t have to limit yourself to mainstays like the Arch and Busch Stadium – there are hundreds of great locations in Missouri. Here’s a look at some of the best places to visit and spend time in Missouri.

City Museum – Before you get turned off at the word “museum”, you should know that the name is a bit misleading. This “museum” is more of a playground, made completely out of recycled materials. It’s located in St. Louis, and contains a bar, psychics, and a wealth of fantastically designed play areas. There are ball pits, ropes, and a variety of small passes to squeeze through. There’s also a new aquarium, and a skate-free skate park that you’ve got to see to believe. The St. Louis City Museum is great fun for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Admission is less than $10, and it’s open late into the night.

Missouri Botanical Gardens – While you’re in St. Louis, don’t forget to stop at the famous Botanical Gardens. It’s a year-long horticultural triumph, where you can see thousands of magnificent plants from all over the world. Botanical Gardens regularly hosts festivals and special days. Even when there’s no major event happening, the gardens are an extremely relaxing and tranquil place to visit alone or with a family. It’s an incredible testament to nature, and an unforgettable place to visit in Missouri. Botanical Gardens is best in the summer and spring when the plants have begun to bloom, but it’s a good winter location, too.

Hannibal, Missouri – A few hours farther north is Hannibal, Missouri. The town prides itself as being “America’s Hometown,” and features tours of some of the locations that inspired Mark Twain’s famous stories. It was Twain’s boyhood home, and largely seems stuck in time–not that that’s a bad thing. It’s easy to spend an educational day in Hannibal with the kids. At night, there’s a riverboat and fantastic food at restaurants like Lula Belle’s. You won’t find better ribs on either side of the Mississippi. Hannibal is “quaint” personified, and can be especially fun with an older crowd.

Silver Dollar City – This theme park is located in Branson. There are rides, music, entertainment, and a big emphasis on the Ozark culture of the mid to late 1800’s. It’s cheaper than Six Flags and offers a far more unique experience. It is a great place to pick up a few souvenirs and gifts, and another cool family attraction. While you’re in the area, there are a number of fun and unique shows available around Branson. Be sure to stop by and spend a couple of days – and don’t be surprised when you want to come back.

Regardless of why you’re visiting Missouri, it’s an unforgettable place with a lot to offer. After visiting some of the state’s fantastic locations, you’ll be sure to come back again and again.

If you know of any other great places to visit in Missouri, post in the comments below this article.


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