Places to Visit in Puerto Rico


Authored by Rodney Southern in Caribbean
Published on 12-24-2008

Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful islands on the face of the planet. Many people want to visit Puerto Rico and see the beautiful beaches and bask in the sunshine. While certainly the beaches are legendary, they are not the only thing that Puerto Rico has to offer. Here are five places that you might not think of visiting when you visit Puerto Rico, but that you certainly should:

El Yunque – While certainly not your typical vacation spot in Puerto Rico, El Yunque is in a word, majestic. This rain forest sits at the highest point of Puerto Rico, and is a national park. If you are taking a nice long walk among the many trails, you are likely to see the local wildlife, and also the beaches of Puerto Rico down below through the trees. Majestic waterfalls trickle over the rocks and plummet in a huge splash into crystal blue waters. Every once in a while, you will find cabins scattered throughout the park where you can relax, or have a picnic.

Culebra Island – Culebra Island is widely considered the number one beach in Puerto Rico and it easy to see why. The white, sandy beaches and perfectly clear waters are as picturesque as they are vast, and it seems to go on forever. This beach is worth the trip alone, and any vacation in Puerto Rico would be incomplete without it.

Cana Gorda Beach – If snorkeling and adventure are your bag, then Cana Gorda is your beach in Puerto Rico. Located in a town called Guanica, Cana Gorda is largely quiet and unexplored. The beach is perfect if you are looking to go exploring and want to be close to nature. The waters are beautiful and very popular for divers. The coral reefs are legendary in Cana Gorda.

Flamenco Beach – The sands are absolutely perfect in their whiteness, and the water is crystal clear. You can not find a better beach on the face of the planet than Flamenco Beach. Annually, this beach is voted as one of the top beaches in the world.

Seven Seas Beach – Close to the town of Fajardo is Seven Seas Beach. This beach is famous for the wind surfing, water skiing, and snorkeling. Sailing is another huge past time for the visitors of Seven Seas Beach. The incredibly shallow waters boast a huge number of unique and colorful fish, and the snorkeling is like visiting an underwater aquarium.

This wonderful place called Puerto Rico is among the best vacations in the world, and is one of the few places that offer perfect beaches that are still largely unencumbered. The beaches can be crowded but there is always a beach nearby that is not. This is one of the coolest things about Puerto Rico. So much of the island is still not commercial.


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