Places To Visit In Sacramento


Authored by Jamila Taylor in California
Published on 10-17-2009

Sacramento is an incredible place to visit with historical sites and vibrant attractions. This city is known for its wealth of scenic views and lessons of history. From shopping in Old Sacramento to exploring the Crocker Art Museum, here are some of the top places to visit in Sacramento throughout your stay.

Vacation in Sacramento and visit Old Sacramento

Positioned in the heart of Sacramento on the banks of the river is Old Sacramento, a twenty-eight acre park. It’s extremely popular for upscale boutique shops, restaurants and museums that relive California’s gold rush days. Along with shopping while you visit Old Sacramento you can also catch a unique ride on the water taxis or dine overlooking the Sacramento River. While walking the wooden sidewalks or cobblestone streets there are several attractions that will remind you of Sacramento’s rich history.

Vacation in Sacramento and visit The Crocker Art Museum

Another attraction to visit in Sacramento is the Crocker Art Museum. You’ll find the Crocker Art Museum a few blocks away from Old Sacramento. Featuring a diverse collection of early California artwork, these masterpieces reflect a wide range of images from the 16th and 17th century. Whether you spend the day viewing the permanent collection or one of the exhibits, you’ll definitely have a new experience each time when you visit Sacramento.

Vacation in Sacramento and visit The California Military Museum

Just a few blocks away from the state capital is The California Military Museum. Designed to reveal California’s military history this museum presents exhibits all the way back from the Civil War. It features over 30,000 military artifacts along with a library and archives. From weapons and uniforms to letters and personal diaries, the California Military Museum offers a hidden treasure that you don’t want to miss out on while you visit Sacramento.

Vacation in Sacramento and visit Cal Expo

Another point of interest in Sacramento is Cal Expo. It’s the home to several concerts and shows as well as the California State Fair. Attractions include harness racing along with a variety of annual consumer events. Enjoy a resort style atmosphere during your vacation in Sacramento and stay on the grounds at the Cal Expo RV Park. During your visit in Sacramento be sure to check out Raging Waters and take advantage of all the great activities while you visit Sacramento.

Vacation in Sacramento and visit Discovery Park

Discovery Park is an amazing place to visit in Sacramento when you need some rest and relaxation. This two-hundred and seventy-five acre park is located where the American and Sacramento rivers meet and its the perfect place for your vacation in Sacramento. The park includes opportunities for boating, hiking, swimming and biking. During your visit in Sacramento explore several little trails or unwind at the beach that is small but not crowded. Take a boat ride and enjoy excellent fishing or sit back and watch archers shoot at the archery range. Discovery Park can be enjoyed year round and has numerous activities that leave you always with something to do.

Whether you want to vacation in Sacramento or just visit, you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime. You will be extremely satisfied with something to do for everyone in the family. From walking through Old Sacramento to swimming at Discovery Park, you will have a variety of events, attractions and escapes that will entertain you during your stay.


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