Places To Visit In The Netherlands

The Netherlands, known to many as Holland, has many things to offer a traveler. Opportunities abound for the visitor to find many things to see and do considering a wide variety of interests, and hobbies.

Lovers of Renaissance era culture can visit the city of Rotterdam. It was here that the noted writer and philosopher Erasmus made his home. His most famous work, the Praise of Folly, satirized the Catholic Church to which he had been ordained and the government of his area.

The tour of the era continues and widens into modernity as one visits the art museum there, whose collection spans the fourteenth century until the present day. Those who prefer maritime history also have a choice between two museums in Rotterdam, depending on whether they prefer eighteenth or nineteenth century vessels and ways of the sea.

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, also boasts much water. It has many seventeenth century canals beautifying the views. This city also boasts more museums in more time periods of art history per square meter than any European capital, making it an art lover’s delight. It modern architecture draws those who prefer more modern things, making it a great place to compromise over what to see and do.

The most famous museums of Van Gogh and Rembrandt’s art are in Amsterdam, and the Rijksmuseum boasts a tremendous collection of seventeenth century art. Literature lovers will want to visit the Anne Frank Museum, while those who prefer nature can visit the Hortus Botanicus. Also while in Amsterdam, many more simple folk visit the home of Heineken and learn how it feels to be a beer bottle as well as sampling the products.

The Hague, home to the Dutch Parliament, boasts over thirty museums and lots of impressive architecture. Its Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery lays claim to the most famous paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer, while the namesake museum in nearby Vermeer Centre Delft has even more of his works. For those who prefer more abstract and modern art, The Hague’s Municipal Museum contains the largest collection of impressionist Pieter Mondriet’s work, while Escher’s works found at the Palace, demonstrate such interesting actions as water flowing uphill.

Utrecht is another interesting city for the curious visitor to the Netherlands. Its Golden Age springs to life in the Centraal Museum, which served as an Augustinian convent until the twentieth century. At that point, it was enlarged and converted to a museum for famous sixteenth and seventeenth century paintings by Flemish painters. Dick Bruna’s cartoon bunny, miffy, has its own museum in this city as well, making it delightful for the young and young at heart visitors. The bunny, created in 1955, became a brand all its own with posters, clothing designs, and many of the other items that make an icon.

This only begins to tell what a wonderful place the Netherlands would be to visit. The main cities listed here contain something for everyone, whether sailor, art or history buff, or even beer lover.


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