Places to Visit When Traveling To Montana

Though it is a little off the beaten path, few other states in the United States of American can compete with Montana in terms of the wide variety of things to do. Visitors to Montana have a great selection of attractions and activities to decide from. The state offers something for everyone whether they are looking for outdoor recreational pursuits or if they are into the more historical and cultural attractions. A trip to Montana will go down in almost everyone’s book as one of the best trips they have ever taken.

Here are five things you must do when traveling to Montana:

1. Glacier National Park – One of the most popular state parks in the entire country is Glacier National Park in Montana. There are many attractions in this, one of the most special national treasures, that will truly amaze the visitor. For a scenic drive that there is truly no equal to, a traveler need go no further than a drive up aptly named Going-To-The-Sun Road. Other features of Glacier National Park worth visiting are Logan Pass, Iceberg Lake Trail, Grinnell Glacier, Lake MacDonald, Great Bear Wilderness, Bowman Lake, and more.

2. Little Bighorn National Monument – Anyone who travels through Montana and calls themselves a history buff will treasure a stop at the Little Bighorn National Monument. There is a great walking and driving tour available that recreates the last known actions of General Custer and his men. The visitor’s center details a great amount of information relating to both sides of the conflict.

3. Flathead Lake – One of the best destinations in the state of Montana for anyone looking for outdoor recreational pursuits is Flathead Lake located in Western Montana. The lake is fed by two rivers, the Flathead and the Swan, and is the largest natural lake in the Western United States. Every water based recreational pursuit that a traveler can think of is available on Flathead Lake, including: fishing, water skiing, jetskiing, swimming, boating, and more.

4. West Yellowstone Park – There are a number of awesome features in West Yellowstone Park located in Montana. The area is beautiful and is perfect for either a quick stop on the way through or a long stay, through special arrangement there are even areas set up to host weddings. Some of the great things that can be seen in West Yellowstone Park include: Two Top, Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone River, Earthquake Lake, Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, the Museum of the Yellowstone, and the National Geographic IMAX Theater.

5. Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center – When it comes to events that changed the course of the entire country of the United States of America, near the top of the list is the Lewis & Clark expedition to the Pacific Ocean. The Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center is located near Great Falls in Giant Springs Heritage State Park. The center itself overlooks the Missouri River and is home to a huge amount of information and exhibits pertaining to the Corps of Discovery’s trip westward across the North American continent. The site includes a historic walking tour, an educational site, many scenic areas, and a theater.

The variety of attractions and diversions offered by the state of Montana seems to expand and grow every single year. The state has a rich history that forms the basis for many of the attractions that people travel a great distance to see and experience. A trip to the state of Montana has the best chance to provide everything anyone could ever want in a vacation destination. From the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains to the wide open spaces of Eastern Montana, the state offers some of the best areas to visit in the entire country. A trip to Montana will never disappoint even the pickiest of travelers.


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