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Places You Must Visit In Hampshire

Are you planning a holiday to the south of England, but have not been able to decide on a destination yet? When you think about visiting the south, you cannot miss Hampshire. It features quite near the top in the list of the most popular places to visit in the south. Your visit to this beautiful county will stay with you as an experience of a lifetime!

There are countless places to visit in Hampshire. Whether you are going alone or with your family, you are sure to have a good time here. If you are a beach lover, you are in for a treat as Hampshire’s beaches and coasts are famous all over the world. Here are some of the most famous beaches and coasts of the county that you must visit.

Hayling Island: Hayling Island, one of the famous tourist spots in Hampshire, is a traditional seaside with excellent leisure and sporting facilities. For those looking to relax, take a walk or cycle around, there are miles of unspoiled coastline and beautiful countryside in store.

Hayling Island is a haven of tranquillity and peace, something that city people miss out and crave for. Visiting this beach paradise will be a nice way for you to relax, away from the humdrum of the city.

Also, for those looking forward to experience the thrill and fun of water sports, you would be happy to learn that windsurfing was invented on this very island. Other than windsurfing, there are a great many beach sports that you can engage in. Besides water sport, you will also have ample opportunities for sailing.

Winner of the European Blue Flag award, Hayling Island has also won Tidy Britain Seaside Award for its beautiful beaches, water tranquillity, cleanliness and safety. The five mile long seashore provides a safe place for enjoying various activities such as beach volleyball, swimming, barbequing, picnicking and so on.

If you are visiting with your family, take your kids to Hayling Island’s famous Funland amusement park.

Lepe Country Park: One of the famous attractions in the south, Lepe Country park consists of pine fringed crags and miles of beaches with a spectacular view across the Solent. This wonderful country park has one mile of coast with mudflats and shingles during the low tides.

Though the sea is not particularly appropriate for swimming, because of its strong currents, it makes for a great place for having picnics and taking long walks along the seashore. The remains of the historic D-Day and the wildflower meadows make Lepe a place for both young and old.

Calshot Castle: If you are fascinated by coastal forts, you must give Calshot Castle a visit. This historic castle formed a part of the famous chain of coastal forts that Henry VIII built in 1539. The castle’s strategic importance, beside the deep-water channel that stretches between Southampton and Portsmouth, was the reason it was manned throughout centuries.

In the 20th century, the Calshot Castle is best known as the marine craft RAF and flying boat base and this castle will always be associated with Schneider Trophy air race. Calshot Castle had a key supporting role in World War II as far as the air/sea rescue is concerned.

Steven Hayes is an experienced writer and UK traveller who enjoys sharing his experiences and tips on travel, tourism and adventure in the UK. He can give you useful tips on places to visit in the south.


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