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We are already a few days into 2016, but if you are bad at planning and didn’t get yourself a new planner for the year, this Field Notes 56 Week Planner for any year (via Field Notes) might be your new best friend.  The 56 Week Planner has the classic brown Field Notes cover (thicker cardboard like the Steno Book) and black print and measures 4.75″ by 7.5″ and provides a full week across the spread of two pages once open. … [Read more…]


It’s been a while since I did some shopping at Levenger, so these Levenger Circa Week’s End Notebook Refills (via Levenger) were new to me and I wanted to grab some to see if they would help me plan a bit better for the weekends. … [Read more…]


I was a little slow in getting around to my review of the Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda (via Levenger) because I was toying around with how I was actually going to use the new format.  You can also grab one here via Amazon with cheaper shipping if you are a Prime member. … [Read more…]


The Hobonichi Techo Planner has almost a cult following in its native country of Japan and now you can buy them in the US.  Creator of the Hobonichi Techo Planner, Shigesato Itoi seems like a very interesting guy as well.  Check out this interview with him to learn more about the planner and the man himself.  This review sample was sent to us directly from the Hobonichi Planner folks themselves, so before we dig in, a quick thanks to them.  Also, thanks to … [Read more…]


  I’m a little bit late in the calendar buying season, but I wanted to get this review out there since I’ve noticed some surprising feedback on the Levenger website where they share customer reviews on the 2013 Circa Planner Pages. … [Read more…]


I typically struggle with being organized, remembering to do things, and being motivated to do things, so whenever I see a product that looks like it can help organize my life and aid in any of those categories I’m always interested.  This Post-it Weekly Planner (via Amazon) looked to be just that tool for me. … [Read more…]


I’m having a hard time keeping up (which is not a bad thing) with all of the Moleskine limited edition and licensed products.  You can now pre-order 2013 Moleskine Star Wars Planners.  No idea when they are shipping, but you don’t typically see 2013 calendars available until later in the year. … [Read more…]


Recently a co-worker who apparently knows me a little too well suggested a calendar that might be appropriate for someone like me.  It was the “I Hate Everything Daily Calendar” by Matthew DiBenedetti.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to order it and 30 seconds after being told about it, the order confirmation from Amazon was in my email in-box.  I hate the split second of excitement and curiosity I get when I see an email notification, only to remember … [Read more…]


  I found these tiny Moleskine Mini Daily Planners a few weeks ago on Amazon, and based on the reviews I was curious to get my hands on one myself.  The general theme of the reviews I read was that because of the thickness, it was difficult to open them up and actually write in the pages. … [Read more…]


Now I don’t know that these Post-it Note Wrist Watches are the most practical things in the world, but I do think they are one of the more creative forms I’ve seen a Post-it Note take.  Unfortunately I probably won’t be ordering any of these Post-it note wrist watches, but I wanted to share with you quickly today for any of you that might be interested in picking some up for yourself. … [Read more…]


These Quo Vadis Scholar and Minister Planners were sent to me by good friend of the blog, Karen from Exaclair.  I thought that since I already have one planner that I use, I should be generous and offer all of the wonderful readers out there a chance to win one of these great little planners, so check out the review, then see the instructions below for how you can win your own! … [Read more…]


Last year I found myself trying to review 2010 Calendars and Planners, and it’s quite frankly a daunting task because of the short timeframe that I have to do where it will be relevant and timely for you to read about.  This year I’ve decided to instead compile a list of what I think are a three excellent options with some of my own personal thoughts that will hopefully be helpful for those of you looking for 2011 Calendars and Planners.  Please keep in … [Read more…]


With 2009 coming to an end, you still have some time to pick out that next calendar or planner and lucky for us, my friends from Exaclair were kind enough to send me this 2009-2010, 18 month monthly planner to review and share with you.  Right off the bat, one of the things that I like about any of the Quo Vadis products is that they are made in the USA, and it’s not always easy to find good quality home office supplies that are made here. … [Read more…]


Following up on my review of the ecosystem journals, I wanted to now take a look at the series of planners that they also offer which are made with the same 100% post consumer recycled materials, and are also manufactured in the US.  The manufacturer of these planners and journals was kind enough to send these samples over for me to review, so I will also be doing a giveaway of the planner and one of the journals that I previously reviewed.  Keep an eye … [Read more…]

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