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Planning a Successful Career in the Care Sector

  • By Rose Hamilton
  • Published 11/9/2012

The first question you need to consider before you decide to become a caregiver is – do you have the capability to succeed in this field? Before you try to find an answer, you need to have an idea about what makes a successful caregiver. Here are the characteristics that a candidate must possess to succeed as a caregiver.

Do you have the right attitude? The best of qualifications and years of experience cannot give you the attitude you need to be a competent caregiver. A caring and compassionate nature is a necessity to succeed in this field. If you are unable to understand the needs of the care recipient and his/her family, you may never be able to cater to them.

If you feel that your services may improve the lives of the elderly or the sick, you may consider a career in this field, even when you do not have any professional qualifications. Your considerate attitude will help you handle difficult situations better and progress towards success in this field.

Do you have the right qualifications and training? There are no specific requirements regarding qualifications for caregivers. However, a basic educational qualification can help you find good jobs in this field. Proficiency in English is often a pre-requisite as you have to communicate with the care recipient and their family.

Though academic qualifications hardly affect your success as a caregiver, professional qualifications may affect your credibility. If you have undertaken courses such as Intellectual Disability Studies, you may find it easier to find employment in care facilities for the differently-abled individuals.

It is possible to get these courses on a full or part time basis from the care course providers. Make sure the courses are affiliated to a reputed body, e.g., Further Education and Training Awards Council. This will make it easier to handle your responsibilities as a caregiver and achieve success in your career.

Do you have the right experience? You need not have any prior experience to get job opportunities. However, you may consider working as a caregiver on a temporary basis to gather experience in this field. You may also work as a volunteer at a care facility to understand the different aspects of the job profile.

Any prior experience in handling an elderly or ailing member of the family may also be considered as relevant experience. You may put it on your resume when applying for jobs in the care sector. This will have a positive impact on your prospective employer about your suitability for the job.

If you possess the right traits to succeed in the field of care giving, you may start looking for care jobs. The question is – where do you look for these opportunities? The most convenient method is to register with the care course provider as a potential caregiver. They will help you find appropriate opportunities in this sector.

You may also look for opportunities available for caregivers from local care agencies. The jobs are seldom published in the local press. However, you may find it easier to get these opportunities from the different care organisations. You may also register with recruitment agencies for these jobs.  

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