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Planning The Best Party For Your Kid

What makes your parties fun? Is it the fact that you have your friends around you or the food and drinks that are available? A party is always fun if you get to do the things you enjoy. So if you like eating then you will have fun in a party that has an assortment of foods. And there is nothing wrong with having fun, just like there is nothing wrong with having fun.

Face painting is a popular activity at parties and celebrations. It is very common in children’s parties but on occasion, and as a mother you should ensure that your kid’s parties are the memorable kind. It is pretty obvious why children like having their faces painted. It allows them the chance to play pretend, being their favorite cartoon character or member of the animal kingdom.

So what makes face painting so interesting? You will only find out when you have your face painted by a professional. When you get a professional face painter like Katherine Oschin Rodriguez your kids will not want to take off the art from their faces. She is one of the best artists in this business. Katherine has been engaging in this activity for a considerable length of time. Her services are offered to children between the ages of 5-10years.

She is the owner of Party Time Faces, a company that is bent on ensuring that you events are even more exciting and artistic. If you want the best face painting San Fernando Valley or the finest face painting San Gabriel Valley has to offer, you should contact Party Time Faces. With their talented artists you can rest assured that you will be getting nothing short of the best.

Probably you want to be trained in the art. You can always visit www.partytimefaces.com and find out how you will be able to get the training. Also through this website you will be able to learn so much more about the services on offer from Party Time Faces. Apart from the kids’ face painting party there are the services they offer on Easter events, church events, fundraisers for schools and different organizations. The services are both insured and sanitization is done to the instruments after every use.


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