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Platinum Mini Ballpoint Pen with Capacitive Stylus


Platinum Mini Ballpoint with Capacitive Stylus Package

This Platinum Mini Ballpoint Pen with Capacitive Stylus was sent over for review, compliments of our friends over at Jetpens.  I was excited to try it out when I first received this because I have only used 1-2 others, so lets take a look at it.


Platinum Mini Ballpoint with Capacitive Stylus in Use with Samsung Galaxy SIII

When I first picked up the pen/stylus combo, I was pretty surprised at how thin it was, which is a good thing for a stylus since chances are, you are going to want to tuck it away with your tablet or smart phone in a small or tight space.  When I started using the capacitive tip of the stylus on my Samsung Galaxy SIII (with a screen protector installed) I had mixed feelings about it.  It seemed to work fairly well, but for some reason it seems to not work well on certain areas of the screen.  I immediately thought that maybe something was wrong with my screen, but tried the same areas multiple times with my finger tip and had absolutely no issue.  Next I tried the stylus on my Amazon Kindle Fire, and it had similar issues.  On both the Galaxy and the Kindle, it seems to have a hard time with the lower left and right corners of the keyboard.  I’ve got no idea what could be causing this, but considering that my finger does not have the same issue, and it occurs on both devices, I’m inclined to say that there has to be some sort of issue with the stylus.

Additionally, if you  read Brad’s review over at The Pen Addict you will see that he had issues with the stylus portion of the pen.  I didn’t notice the same issues that he had, but that just makes me question the quality control on this product.


Platinum Mini Ballpoint with Capacitive Stylus Writing Sample

When it came to writing with the pen portion of the stylus, you can see above that the results were definitely acceptable.  The .5mm tip is very crisp and smooth, and the flow is very consistent.  As a pen, I’ve got no issues with this, but as a stylus, well thats a totally different issue.  Jetpens has the Platinum Mini Ballpoint Pen with Capacitive Stylus in their clearance section now but based on the inconsistency that I have noticed and the issues that Brad had, I’m not sure that this is a great purchase.

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