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Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Beginner Fountain Pen


The Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Capped

I just noticed these Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens at JetPens when adding stuff to my cart for my last order.  I figured that for $20 they looked like a great deal and I should give one a try.  After placing my order I was a little concerned that maybe I was just a little drawn in by the shiny finish, but I figured I wouldn’t worry about it and I’d just have to wait to get my shipment to get a closer look.  The Plaisir was also designed for those that like to not worry about leaving the pen unused for a long period of time.  The manufacturer claims that the way the cap seals the nib will let you go up to a year without having he ink dry up in the nib or feed, and it will resist evaporating as well.  Obviously I wont be testing this claim on the Platinum Plaisir in this review.


Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Uncapped

When the Platinum Plaisir arrived, I was very impressed with the meaty size and very polished and luxurious feel that this $20 fountain pen presented to me.  The black anodized aluminum finish is not only scratch resistant, but it is also incredibly glossy with a nice deep black tone to it.  The black color is a little darker in person than what you see in our photos.  Each of the Plaisir fountain pens has a nib that matches the color of the body, and best I can tell these are the same nibs and feeds that you will find in the cheaper Platinum Preppy fountain pens, which might be a turn-off to some.  Besides a matching nib, there is also a thin black stripe that goes down the clip on this pen.  On the other colors of this pen, the stripe also matches the body color.  The pen also has a substantially wide ring around the base of the cap that has some ornate detail in it as well as having the words Platinum Plaisir Japan engraved.

For a different perspective on the pen though,  you might want to check out the review on Note Booker, Esq. where he reviewed a red version of the Platinum Plaisir.  I can see his perspective on the visual characteristics of the pen because I would imagine that the versions in different colors might be a little more flashy than the black version that I picked up, but as you will see below in the writing sample part of this review, I didn’t have any issues with squeaking or anything similar that he experienced.

Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Writing Experience.


Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Writing Sample on Rhodia Levenger Circa Paper

I’ve always thought that the Platinum Preppy was a pen that wrote nicely so it should be no surprise that I think the Plaisir provides an equally nice writing experience.  One difference between this writing sample and my writing sample for the Platinum Preppy is that this one was done on my new favorite paper, the Levenger Rhodia Circa paper.  This paper probably say makes any fountain pen write smoother and with less feathering or spreading though.  As someone who really likes as fine a nib as possible, this nib is pretty close to being an ideal size for me.  If you click on the scan above, you can see in the writing sample where I compare the nib on this pen to the fine sized nib on a Pelikan M215.  The size of the lines laid down appear to be very close, with the Pelikan being only slightly more narrow to the naked eye.

Writing with the cap posted gave the pen a very solid feel.  It is still lighter than I’d expect for a pen this size  but not so light that you feel like you are writing with a cheaper plastic bodied pen.  Also, when posting the cap it slides on VERY smoothly, and never rattles or becomes loose.  When placing the cap back on the pen there is a very firm and reassuring “snap” to let you know that the cap is secure.

In comparison to the other beginner fountain pens that I’ve written about, I think the Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen stands out a bit.  It is one that looks much more professional and luxurious if you want something that will look nicer sitting on your desk or attached to your notebook.  The other pens that I’ve included in my beginner fountain pen series all look a bit cheaper because of their plastic bodies as compared to the nice glossy aluminum finish on this pen.  Some might be reluctant to go with a pen that shares the same nib as a sub $5 pen, but I think the overall great looks and design of this pen truly make it worth the extra money.

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