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Plumbago Magazine and The Erasable Podcast

I recently became aware of the Plumbago Magazine which is a compliment to The Erasable Podcast.  I was initially a little skeptical about it, but now that I have my hands on an actual print copy, I have to say I’m very impressed so I wanted to share it here with everyone in case you missed it as well.

I became aware of Plumbago through some back and forth banter on Instagram when @LeadFast shared a picture specific to pencils and baseball that I requested, and Andy Welfle the co-host of the erasable podcast kindly let me know that my love for baseball would meet my love for stationery in the upcoming issue:

I was immediately intrigued and decided to seek out the information about Plumbago so I could get both my stationery and office supply fix.  I had honestly never considered the idea of purchasing a physical magazine that was a compliment to a podcast, so I had some hesitation.  I quickly got over that though because I think its great to see folks in the community thinking outside the box, taking risks, and providing awesome content via other methods than we are used to…and analog for this community obviously makes a ton of sense!  Its also available as a PDF download now though since physical copies are gone.

So the above photo has some big blocks of grey that obviously aren’t part of the physical Plumbago magazine or the PDF, but rest assured, there is some wonderful content there about scoring a baseball game with a pencil.  Out of respect (and fear of copyright laws 🙂 ) for the hard work put into the content, I obviously didn’t want to give it away for free here, I did however leave the supporting image of the score card. For me, this alone made the purchase worthwhile, but here is plenty of other great stuff in there!

One of the first things I happened to flip open to in the Plumbago Magazine was the awesome sticker pictured above.  This is a nice little addition that unfortunately you can’t get with the PDF but its definitely something that will make me more inclined to buy the next physical copy in hopes of some other cool insert like this.

Besides the awesome content there are also activities in Plumbago, like this cool word find thats obviously pencil related.  Again, the actual box of jumbled letters is under that grey box, but I didn’t want to give it away for free.  There is a ton of other art work, and content in there that I really think anyone reading this blog will really enjoy, so I’d highly suggest you at least pick up the PDF version of it here and keep an eye out for the next edition to by in physical form. Job well done by the folks from The Erasable Podcast, as well as all of the contributors who made it possible.

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