Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2009


Authored by Brandy Burgess in Clothing
Published on 10-10-2009

Are you looking for the next new trend for 2009? Show off those luxurious curves with some amazing fashion trends for anyone above size 12. Highlighting your best assets is easy with this years fashionable choices.

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2009: Sheer & Ruffles

Wearing sheers are incredibly fashionable if done right. When you’re out shopping, look for double or triple lined sheer sleeveless shirts to layer under snug jackets. Ruffles are also a cool trend for 2009. The trick is to get small ruffles that detail the neckline of shirts and cuffs. Small ruffling details can actually make you appear slimmer.

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2009: Gray, Baby Blue, Pink and White

Gray is a color that looks great on most body types, especially plus sized women. It can be used to layer underneath vests or jackets or as a standalone piece. Baby blue is defiantly in this season with more bright colors appearing. You can find great baby blue in belts, dresses and shirts.

When we talk about pink, look more for a mild berry pink vs. bright neon pink. Not only do you have to find pink clothing, but simple pink accessories like a bracelet can be very trendy. White is always very trendy and can be easily mixed and matched to obtain trendy outfits for 2009. Bring white into your wardrobe for both work and play.

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2009: Floral

Although the older classic floral print is out, more muted forms of floral prints are in for 2009 plus size fashion trends. Instead of big and bold flowers, look for medium or small flower details on your clothing. This will give plus size women ahead start of this years trend and can be very flattering.

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2009: Jewelry

Bold jewelry is in for plus size fashion trends. Look for more chunky pieces of jewelry to wear with lower cut tops. Whether it is flat or chunk jewelry, both can be great on your body type. Be sure that the loop for the jewelry is average size for the best look possible.

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2009: One Shoulder

For beautiful plus sized women, consider some one shoulder dresses and tops. Just showing one shoulder can often highlight your outfit and show off your curves without showing them off. If you decide to go with this 2009 fashion trend, wear a pair of long pants or longer dress. It’s best to show off skin at the top of the body or bottom, never both.

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2009: Conclusion

Are you interested in some classy and fashionable plus size trends for 2009? Look no further than these great picks for this seasons wear. Whether you want to look professional and hip or sleek and feminine, there’s a look for every body type that will show off your best features and downplay your worst. Try out some of these looks this year to keep up with the trends.


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