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Pop up Stands for Creating a Good Impact at Trade Shows

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 10/3/2012

A lot of companies and organisations use the opportunity to display their products and services at the exhibitions and trade shows. They put in their best efforts to spread awareness regarding their services and products at these business events.

Many companies utilise this occasion to launch their new products and services. The basic thing which comes out of all these is that the purpose of every company is to attract the attention of customers to their offerings.

What are the things that help the companies catch the attention of people at the trade shows? The answer is different types of display stands and banners. Pop up stands and pop up banners are used by several companies to portray the message about their offerings to the consumers.

The reason/reasons behind a company participating in a trade show can be successful only when customers are interested to visit their booth. Different types of display stands and banners are available and they can be used to create that urge in the customers to stop and visit the booth.

It is necessary to create an appealing, interesting and quite a unique booth. Your booth at a trade show can stand out of the crowd with all these attributes by having pop up stands and banners. Pop up stands are to be found in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs.

The speciality of pop up stands is that they are flexible, light in weight and easily portable. The portability factor makes pop up stands the first choice of an exhibitor. Pop up stands are easy to move from location to another. They take up a small space and are fit for repeated use. Erecting a pop up stand takes just ten minutes.

Graphic pop up stands and fabric pop up stands are two popular types of pop up stands. The graphic pop ups stands can hold printed graphic panels. High-resolution graphics are used in making this type of pop up stands. Velcro is used to make fabric pop up stands that hold fabric panels to create an attractive background.

You can experiment with the graphic pop up stands by including 3D visual and laser displays to enhance the appeal of your booth. Try to avoid using flashy colours and fonts that may seem unappealing to the audience. Choose colours that will highlight the text clearly. The display should appear clear not clumsy.

If your creative instinct is not so powerful, you can consult pop up stand designers to make your booth eye-catching. The designers have the skills and experience to ensure that your participation in a trade show is a grand success.

Are you thinking of buying pop up stands online? You should make sure to inquire the seller about the quality of printing and the material used for the pop up stands. Choosing a thick material is ideal. Also check that your pop up stand is laminated.

Therefore, opt for these portable display stands for showcasing your products and services in your forthcoming trade shows and exhibitions. Make sure you keep the designs simple yet striking.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is working in an advertising agency. He provides tips and suggestions for businesses regarding your choice of pop up stands.



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