Popular Baby Food Flavors


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Parenting
Published on 01-18-2009

Parents look forward to the day they can start their baby on solid foods, but babies might enjoy this milestone even more. They have an opportunity to give their taste buds a variety of new tastes over a period of several months. Even stage one foods with only one ingredient for each flavor, are more interesting to a baby in taste and texture than breast milk or formula.

Some of the most popular flavors of stage one baby foods are: apple, banana, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches and squash. Many parents are hesitant to start their babies on green baby vegetable foods. There is a myth that babies will take to those flavors more reluctantly than others. Some babies will turn their nose up to peas and other green colored flavors, but there is nothing to say that this is a habit for all babies.

Babies do like sweet foods. They are less of a surprise to their taste buds than foods that are more bitter. This is probably why most babies will gladly eat apple, pear, banana, peach and other fruit flavors without a problem. Sweet potatoes and carrots are vegetables with a sweet taste and are therefore often gladly gobbled up as well. Some parents introduce vegetable flavors to their babies before fruits in fear that their baby will not take a liking to vegetables if they have already enjoy the sweet taste of most fruits.

Sweet potatoes and carrots should be among popular flavor choices for parents. They contain Vitamin A which will aid in babies developing good immune health. Vitamin C, another essential anti-oxidant, is found in many of the popular stage one flavors. The vitamins found in baby foods can increase total body health and wellness in babies.

When babies reach the point when they have eaten their way through single ingredient foods, many parents add baby food yogurt and oatmeal flavors to their diet. Banana or apple yogurt, along with blends (combinations of more than one fruit) are very popular. Babies are usually highly receptive to these flavors. Banana or apple oatmeal flavored baby foods (along with blends) are often chosen as well. Many parents use baby food flavors in yogurts and cereals before adding meat flavored foods to their little one’s diet.

Babies respond well to a variety of fruit and vegetable blends. Any vegetable or fruit that they like, will usually digest well for a baby in blends. A parent should never feed their child a combination of baby food flavors containing an ingredient for which a baby previously showed a reaction.

Baby foods offering meats are popular for older babies and young toddlers. Pear, peach and chicken flavored baby food combinations are often purchased by parents. The Apple/Chicken flavor of baby food also appears highly popular. Chicken noodle dinner is another healthy choice parents can buy for their baby.

Parents can decide to puree food at home to make their own baby foods. Parents can use healthy fruits and vegetables to make tasty meals for their baby. Parents who make baby food at home need to remember that they still need to introduce their baby to only one food at a time to ensure their baby does not have any food allergies.


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