Popular Bird Watching Spots in California

Bird watching has often been confused with ornithology. People who study species of birds in a scientific approach are called ornithologists, while bird watchers, on the other hand, do so via pure observations.

With dense forests and the Sierras teeming with plant life, and even the cactuses of Death Valley abound, California is known to be a Birder’s Delight by enthusiasts as it has the right natural habitat for birds. Thus, making bird watching a favorite past time of a lot of people in California.

There are around 600 bird types that inhabit California. No one can ever get bored discovering these species in the place where you can enjoy picturesque scenery and being one with the environment. It is no surprise that birds gather in the area as people in the locale also make it their responsibility to keep and respect the beauty of nature and its creatures.

If you are really into bird watching, there are a quite a number of places that are recommended for you. One of the most popular is the King Range National Conservation Area. Found in San Francisco, it boasts charming coastal plains, freshwater streams, riverbank spots, and a forest. Woodpeckers, hummingbirds, wild geese and ducks, pelicans, loons, terns, and swifts are just a few of the species that may be found in this conservation.

Another known spot can be found in Sonoma County, which is called Bodega Bay, especially during the months of August, September, and October. It is a busy time for bird watchers as various birds such as terns and sand pipers and other land and shorebirds migrate to that area.

An enthusiast may also want to check the Sierra Mountains, the area between Nevada and California, which is home to such variety of birds like the Indigo Buntings, Palm Warblers, Western Bluebirds, Chats, Vireos, and the American Pipits.

And finally, there is the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, which is found in San Bernardino County between the Sonoran and Mojave deserts. There are approximately 266 native species of birds that are recorded to be in that region due to the surrounding greenery, foliage, and desert slopes that have attracted such variety.

However, those mentioned above are just a number of the spots that bird watching enthusiasts can go to. To learn more about other places in California to visit and what bird species can be found in that area, one can go online and surf the web for more information.


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