Popular Places to Visit in Pennsylvania


Authored by Veronica Bergschneider in United States 
Published on 02-28-2009

Pennsylvania offers many opportunities for a traveler. Whether one seeks history, thrills, or a family adventure, it can be found in the Keystone State. This variety of vacation possibilities makes Pennsylvania a popular place for many to visit.

For those who would like to visit a simpler era, Amish Country provides the relaxation they desire. This area in Lancaster County is populated by what many people outside the region call the Pennsylvania Dutch. This misnomer comes from the fact the German immigrants to the area brought along their language, called “deutsch,” the pronunciation of which was misunderstood by those who did not speak it, and many of these people maintain the dialects with which they were raised.

Most of the original settlers of this area were Lutheran or Reformed church members who came to Pennsylvania for religious freedom, although the Amish and Mennonites, who still dress very plainly and simply, come from a pietistic group that did not trust any formal church ways. Many people visit Amish Country for the handmade quilts and other crafts, or for the simple foods, such as potato salad, that make the area famous. The artwork in these crafts, which draws many of the visitors and shoppers, is very colorful and based upon traditional designs originally meant to ward off evil spirits.

Those who appreciate history also enjoy Philadelphia. It was here that William Penn set up the capital of his colony dedicated to religious freedom in 1681 under charter from British King Charles II. As the Revolutionary War dawned, Philadelphia became the center of protests against the British government’s taxation and Carpenter’s Hall became the site of the meetings of the First Continental Congress as the group planned its secession from British rule. In May of 1775, the Second Continental Congress met in the Pennsylvania State House, which has since been renamed Independence Hall and has become a popular place for visiting among those who enjoy history. After the Revolutionary War, Independence Hall was also the site where the United States Constitution was signed and Philadelphia became the nation’s capital until Washington, D.C. was given that role in 1800.

Thrill seekers and families alike enjoy visiting Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This amusement park offers something for everyone, from shows and children’s attractions to roller coasters. Chocolate lovers rejoice here in the overwhelming abundance of dishes made with their favorite ingredient. Spas in some of the luxury hotels here even offer chocolate massages aimed at relaxing the guest after a long day of wandering the amusement park.

Those looking for ski adventures head to the Poconos or other resorts in Pennsylvania. Couples visit the Poconos when they are looking to rekindle a romance. After a day of skiing, the lodges here offer bathtubs shaped as champagne glasses where the couple can relax together in a warm bubble bath. Those who prefer the ski resort can also look closer to the Mason-Dixon line for such areas as Ski Whitetail, Shi Liberty, and Ski Roundtop.


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