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Popular search engine techniques for maintaining good reputation online

If you have a business, online or otherwise it is quite possible that you have come across a situation where you had to face negative criticism from hostile customers and even from competitors who try to harm your business. This can be a harmful situation as it can directly affect the name, brand and reputation of your company. The only way to handle this situation is by making use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool; Online Reputation Management (ORM). ORM services help a company to protect its brand name against negative, inaccurate and false publicity. Companies like BrandRevitalize offer ORM services and make use of exclusive techniques to replace negative listings with the positive and also lets you control the way you want to portray your image on the web.

Most common strategies that search engines use in order to improve the reputation of a company are RSS feeds, micro-sites, blogging, social media, videos, and business profile linking. A reputation management firm helps by regularly working in these categories and continually monitoring the overall performance of a website. As there is no way one can remove these comments the most viable option is to hide these by putting fresh content regularly thus making them unnoticeable. The first important technique that these online reputation experts apply to is by creating keywords. They make a list of keywords funnel those using micro-sites so that the potential customers can be directed to the required information.

Next technique used by these companies to get quick results among search engines is by linking the websites with social networking site like Facebook, MySpace etc. This helps in getting quick positive results and is also helpful in passing on the desired image of the company to the general public. Links such as business profile and RSS feeds are used. These carry articles with fresh content and press releases regarding the company, thus improving the company’s website search result page.

Even though blogging does not fall under the technique but is widely used as blogging is the only way in which they can maintain the keywords created by the company which are used by search engines as links. These blogs also help the users to learn about the company and its services. Posting videos, songs on websites like You Tube has also become very popular as these are easily accessible.

Mainly reputation management companies make use of these services but at the same time each company follow its own strategies and these keep changing as per latest trends. Therefore, if you want to take full control of your online presence it is important to apply for services from a managed reputation management firm.

BrandRevitalize has a team of professionals who use their expertise and market knowledge in providing the client’s company a distinct and significant place that it deserves.


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