Popular Toys for Preschoolers


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Toys and Games
Published on 01-16-2009

If you are searching for new toys for your preschooler, you will be pleasantly surprised with all the choices available. There are toys that will be fun for your child while still starting to teach them the foundation they will need for preschool and later kindergarten. Many toys encourage your children to use their imagination and creativity. Preschool age children love to be just like mommy or daddy. There are many toys that allow them to play house or to pretend they are building a new house or tall skyscraper.

There are a variety of learning toys that are designed to be fun and interactive while providing preschool level lessons (including the alphabet, spelling and the start of math) to kids. Some systems also teach writing, art, science and other subjects. There are laptop designs as well as keyboards and writing pads that connect to a television for children to play interactive learning games.

Handheld game systems and game consoles designed specifically for preschoolers are among the most popular preschool learning toys for both kids and parents. Some of the leading learning games are manufactured by Fisher-Price, Vtech and LeapFrog. Each have their own style of learning computers or gaming systems. However, all brands have fun learning for preschoolers in mind. These games can help kids to be ahead of their peers when preschool or even kindergarten rolls around.

Preschool age children love to be just like their parents. Play kitchen sets and tea sets are popular among little girls. Little girls like to play with dolls that are lifelike. The newest dolls that cry, talk or even wet their diapers are particularly popular among older preschoolers. Doll houses are becoming increasingly more popular as kids enjoy role playing with their dolls, toy furniture and appliances.

Little boys love play tool sets. They also enjoy playing with legos and building block sets. (Girls often enjoy building toys as well). Children will spend hours building houses, buildings, roadways and any other structure they can create with their building tools.

With the advancement of technology, children are being introduced to electronics at younger and younger ages. There are kid safe electronics being developed everyday. Fisher-Price for example, has the kid tough cameras. They designed digital cameras and video cameras that kids can actually use and parents do not need to worry if the cameras are dropped and beaten up a bit.

Toddlers like to start out by playing with toys that they can either push or pull. They learn to make their way around their play area with toys in tow. Children also enjoy age appropriate riding toys that they can either ride in the house or outside.

Musical toys are very popular among preschoolers. They enjoy playing keyboards geared towards young musicians. Children like to use microphones to listen to their own voices as they sing. Toy guitars for preschoolers are designed much like the keyboards, allowing them to play a few notes and listen to demo songs.

These are just a few samples of some of the most popular toys among preschoolers and parents. Talk to other parents or even your child’s pediatrician for advice on safe and age appropriate toys.


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