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Authored by Lisa Bower in Wedding 
Published on 12-25-2009

Don’t think that you have to have a wedding like everyone else’s. Not every wedding ceremony or reception has to overflow with flowers. In fact, using alternatives to flowers for wedding receptions and ceremonies is actually cheaper, easier, and more creative than investing in bouquets and centerpieces. This is also a smart idea for couples who have serious flower allergies or if the couple knows many of their guests suffer from this. Whether you’re looking to replace bouquets of flowers or looking for alternative wedding reception decorations, there are many options from which to choose. The following are some great ideas to consider when planning your wedding.

Wedding bouquets are often used by not only the bride but by members of her wedding party. Having something to hold will ease the wedding party’s nerves, and it brings a touch of elegance to the event. Instead of flower bouquets, you should get creative and think of other unique touches. For example, why not have the adults carry seashells and the children or younger members of the party can carry candy bouquets or long, elaborate pieces of ribbon? If you are religious, consider carrying a rosary instead of flowers. Play with the theme of the wedding. For example, if you are having a fall-based or Halloween-focused wedding, you could have the wedding party carry pumpkins. A beautiful lantern, candles, or parasol are other stunning items to consider when deciding on alternatives to bouquets of flowers.

Often, wedding centerpieces are an important piece of wedding decoration. These are the items that really bring some character to a wedding. Instead of flowers, consider using candles, glass bowls, and mirror. This is a nice way to bring some elegance to your wedding and to create a stunning effect. Another option is to go with paper lanterns or with origami designs. These creative options are festive, stunning to look at, and are sure to capture your guests’ attention. Another centerpiece idea is to use framed photographs as centerpieces. Here, you could have childhood photos of the couple strewn around the room. This will give guests something to talk about, and it will surely add a personal and endearing touch to your wedding.

Consider the theme and tone of the wedding when deciding on which items to use for decorations. This will give you something to work with. For example, if the wedding is an old-school Catholic event, you could have prayer books and images of the Mother Mary strewn around the venue. If this is a Renaissance-themed wedding, you could really play with the idea of elegance by using ribbon, lace, and well-placed verses of poetry added to the space.

Be creative when it comes to deciding on alternatives to flower decorations at your wedding. For example, instead of adorning walkways or tables with flower petals, you could instead use glitter or confetti. The possibilities when it comes to wedding decorations are numerous. You can use everything from ribbon, lace, and tulle to paper lanterns, horseshoes, and mini-umbrellas.


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