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Postit Big Pad a The Biggest Postit Note Ever


Post-it Big Pad – The 22″ X 22″ Post-it Note

So for those of you that have ever though “gee, I wish this Post-it note was a little bigger” we have for you today a 22 inch square Post-it note called the Big Pad.  The Post-it Big Pad comes in the blue version you see here, as well as a yellow and pink version too.  This is probably the biggest Post-it note you will ever see.


Post-it Big Pad with Standard Post-it Notes

Just to give you some perspective on the size of this Post-it Big Pad, you can see that 7 standard size Post-it notes fit across, or up and down too since this is a perfect square shape.  The paper on the Post-it Big Pad is pretty good in terms of handing markers.  Both the Sharpie and Bic Mark it markers that I used wrote well and although they show through on the other side, they didn’t bleed through to the next page behind the one being written on.  I was also impressed by the fact that when you peel these sheets off the page, the paper doesn’t curl at all which is always a concern when I try any new Post-it notes.  The backs of the Post-it Big Pad have for fairly wide and evenly spaced strips of adhesive on them, and they definitely didn’t leave any residue on the page behind them, so you don’t have any issues trying to write on the leftover adhesive.

I guess these Post-it Big Pads are good for meetings and presentations, definitely not great for leaving that reminder note stuck to your monitor though.  Any other ideas for what you would do with a giant Post-it note?  Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below.

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