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Postit Brand Desk Grip Dispensers for Postit Flags


The All New Post-it Brand Desk Grippers for Post-it Flags.

The Post-it brand has a new line of Post-it flag dispensers that add a little bit of extra (and very helpful) functionality to an already great office supply.  These new Post-it Desk Grip Dispensers were given to me by my contact at 3M a few weeks ago, and now that I’ve had time to use these a little bit I thought I it was time to do my review of them.

I did a quick check to see where these were available, and you can find them here on Amazon.com and also here from Staples.com.  I have not however had a chance to do too much in-store checking, other than one quick stop at my local Staples and they did not stock them as of about a week ago. 


Post-it Brand Desk Grip Dispensers. On the left is the single use, on the right is a refillable version.

The round dispenser on the left comes loaded with 125 “Sign Here” Post-it flags, and is not refillable, while the dispenser on the right contains 140 (4 colors x 35 each) of the smaller flags and one set of 50 of the larger flags.  They also offer a green “Sign & Date” round dispenser, and each is also available in a 200 count version.  Each of the flag dispensers on the larger refillable dispenser can be removed by sliding them up and out.  The next photo shows the dispenser with the Post-it flags removed, they slide in and out very easily, so no worries there.


Post-it Brand Refillable Desk Dispenser with Post-it flags removed.

Now the really cool part about these dispernsers is not visible until you flip them over.  As the name Post-it Desk Grip dispenser implies, this dispenser actually fixes itself to any flat, smooth surface…like your desk.  My initial thought was “oh, ok, so they stuck a suction cup o the back of a Post-it dispenser” but thats not really what they did, its better than that.  On the back of the dispenser you will find a smooth round rubber disc, not a typical suction cup like you might expect.  The great part about this rubber disc is that it doesnt require any wetting or hard pressing of the unit onto the surface to get it to stick.  The most gentle placing of the dispenser on your desk creates enough suction to hold it down against the upward pressure caused when pulling flags out of it.  Following is a photo of the back of the refillable dispenser, which is exactly the same as the back of the round “Sign Here” flag dispenser.


Backside of the Post-it Desk Grip Dispenser.

The two benefits of using this method that Post-it developed (as compared to a simple suction cup) are that it is super thin and keeps the dispenser flat and level on your desk, and it also allows it to glide easily across the surface of your desk, so it is not locked into a specific place.  This allows you to work on your desk and very quickly and easily slide the dispenser into your main workspace, and back to an out of the way place when you are done with it.  If my description does not do it justice, I suggest you check out the video that 3M and Post-it have on their site which shows the Desk Gripper Post-it flag dispenser in action.  The only thing you cant do with this is put it on a wall or vertical surface because it will slide down, it is only meant for flat surfaces like a desk.


In the interest of fair time, here is a close up of the non-refillable version of the Post-it Desk Grip Dispenser.

I love the fact that one of these dispensers is refillable, I just wish that they both were.  Also, if you were wondering, the suction device does not seem to lose its ability to stick to flat surfaces over time as I thought it might…it does a good job at sticking even with frequent use.  The back of the package does provide a tip if the suction device stops working, they say to use Scotch brand (of course not any other brand 😉 ) tape to remove any dust or lint from its surface.  I have not had to do that yet, but I do imagine it would work, my recommendation would be to frequently clean your desk so you dont get filth on this to begin with. 🙂

Just when you thought a simple Post-it flag couldnt get any better, 3M and Post-it have found a way to make an already great product even better.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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