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Postit Brand Pockets Reviewed


3M &the Post-it Brand offer Post-it pockets for your organizing needs

The 3M company and their Post-it brand is one of the first that always comes to mind when I think about office supplies.  These new Post-it Brand Pockets from them has the familiar characteristic of being a re-stickable (if thats a word) item which is something they have proven to be a leader in manufacturing.  It is different from their Post-it notes though in the fact that this is an aid for organizing rather than being a stationary product.  Much like the other 3M Post-it products that I have reviewed, these have been given to me courtesy of my contact at Post-it, you know who you are, so thank you!


The Post-it brand pocket hung on the inside of my desk cabinet door. Notice the Post-it Flag+ Permanent Marker that I have affixed to it as well.

The Post-it brand pockets come in multiple sizes and colors, but for the purposes of keeping things simple I’ve only photographed the “classic blue” color in the bill size (5 3/8″ x 7 3/8″) since conceptually they are identical.   They also come in an antique gray and vintage pink color in “letter size” (8 7/8″ x 11 7/8″) and “receipt size” (3 7/8″ x 8 7/8″). 3M and Post-it do a great job when it comes to marketing their products, they seem to have a little micro site set up for each product and it does a great job of showcasing them all.  The microsite for the Post-it pockets can be found here.

The back of the Post-it pocket has two padded sticky strips that run the length of the pocket which you just peel the adhesive backing off of before affixing to whatever smooth and flat surface you wish to use these on.  All sizes of the Post-it pockets also have a convenient lightly shaded strip on the front bottom that allows you to label the pocket with whatever name best represents the items you will be storing in them.  In my case I used my previously reviewed Post-it Flag+ permanent marker to write on here, and it dried quickly, and showed no smudging when I ran my fingers across the ink.  You can also see that the adhesive on the back is strong enough, and the material of the pocket itself is sturdy enough to hang the marker from so it is always handy.

This size is perfect for a standard letter size envelope, however you can also put a multitude of other items in there including receipts, food delivery menus and even CDs will fit.  As I’m writing this I’ve also just realized that this pocket would make the perfect home for storing my Yankee tickets for the hand-full of games that I still have left…the uses for these pockets are probably endless.  I’ve posted mine on the inside of my desk cabinet like this because it really is great at helping me keep clutter off of my desk that would normally accumulate there.  Although my traveling at work has been pretty limited as of late, I can confidently say that if I did start traveling on a more regular basis, I would love having this at my desk to stick up on a wall for collecting my receipts for expenses since I usually tend to stuff them in a drawer or pocket and forget where they are.  This seems like it would be the perfect solution for that problem.


The Post-it brand pocket, holds up very well to frequent sticking and unsticking.

Obviously  you will just have to take my word for this part (or you can assume that I lie too) but the photo above shows the Post-it brand pocket after I stuck and removed it from my cabinet 50 times.  I am very impressed with its performance in this area.  The thing that is most impressive is that when you first stick it on and remove it, it does not have “overly stuck on” feel to it where you need to pry it off, yet it is still firmly affixed to the surface.  Even after sticking it on and removing it 50 times, the pocket feels very firmly affixed to my cabinet.  I also took it over to my refrigerator where it has more of a textured and glossy surface because I figured this might pose a challenge for a heavily used sticky adhesive, but to my surprise it was up to the job and showed no problems after sticking and unsticking it 4-5 times there.  Once I was satisfied with this test (and I should probably say impressed by, not just satisfied) I returned it to its now permanent home, my desk cabinet door.

If I had to offer up one minor suggestion for improving these Post-it brand pockets even further, I would look to change the adhesive backing that you peel off of the sticky foam on the back of these.  This isnt even a 3M or Post-it specific issue, but as a guy with short finger nails, I always find it difficult to peel off backing on products like this when the backing is cut to the same exact size as the adhesive part itself.  I think that most manufacturers of items like this would see a huge increase in customer satisfaction with the addition of a tiny tab that slightly over extends the adhesive portion so that the backing is easier to peel off, sort of like the extra tab on the foil top of a yogurt container.

Overall these Post-it pockets take a simple concept and implement it with the high quality that 3M and Post-it are known for in their line of office supplies.  I cant imagine a home or office that wouldnt benefit from having a few of these on hand to help organize the little things that pile up around the house or desk.  It looks like Staples is one of the only places currently carrying these, they offer the 3 pack with one of each size pocket here for $12.99, which based on the quality and durability of these is a great deal in my opinion.  If you are strapped for cash though, no worries because a few of these will be included as an option in my next giveaway thanks to the kind folks at 3M and Post-it.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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