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PostIt Durable Filing Tabs Review


The Post-it Durable Filing Tabs, pack of 66

I took a trip to Staples the other day to see what cool new office supplies I could find, and the good people at 3M and Post-it  didnt let me down.  I picked up these Post-it Filing Tabs, they said “New” on the package and I dont remember seeing them before so Ill assume that they are in fact new.


Post-it Durable Filing tabs in their dispenser

Sometimes when I buy office supplies, I honestly dont have an immediate use for them, but in the back of my head I know that it is something that I should have on hand just in case.  That was my initial reaction when I saw the Durable Filing Tabs at Staples, I didnt know exactly what Id do with them, but they just seemed like they are something that any organized person should have on hand.  For about $5 I figured, I had nothing to lose so I picked up a pack to see what they were all about.


Side view of the filing tab dispenser

The Post-it Durable Filing Tabs come in a set of 66, you get 22 of each color, red, blue and green.  With all this talk of them being “durable” its probably worth addressing that portion of the name.  These are noticeably thicker and stiffer than your regular Post-it tabs, so there is definitely a physical quality about these that give the user a good deal of confidence that these can stand up to any abuse that they might encounter as they protrude from the edges of wherever you decide to place them.  I also found that they seem to be quite durable in regards to their stickiness.  I did a stick and unstick test on these and found that even after 30 applications and removals, they still managed to stay affixed to the surface of the page that I stuck them on.


The Post-it Durable Filing Tabs put to use in my notebook of “important” stuff

You know you have a cool office supply item in your hands when it only takes you the length of time to drive home before you figure out exactly what you are going to use them for.  I decided that these would be great additions to some of my Levenger Circa notebooks to help segment out some of the sections without needing to use some of the thick tabbed dividers that they sell because they can take up about 5 pages worth of space.  Having these tabs helps to conserve some of that valuable space in your Circa notebook, so these are a welcomed addition there.  They also just help to act as sub-dividers within the tabbed section of my notebook as well.


Writing samples on the Post-it Durable Filing Tabs.

I thought it might also be helpful to try out a bunch of different pens on the writing space of these tabs, so the above picture shows how the following pens performed on there.  Below is the list of samples that you see from left to right:

  • Uniball Jetstream .7mm ballpoint
  • Uniball Style Fit gel ink .28mm red
  • Pilot Hi-Tec-C .3mm blue black
  • Pentel Slicci .4mm midnight blue
  • Bic Ballpoint Black medium point
  • Post-it Flag Plus .7mm gel
  • Pilot Razor Point Red EF
  • Basic R\roller ball refill black
  • Sharpie Pen Red
  • Uniball Signo DX .38mm blue black

The only two pens that I had a hard time with on these tabs were the Post-it Flag Plus Gel (surprising that their own pen doesnt work so great on these) and the basic roller ball refill.  These two pens just didnt seem to want to get the right amount of traction to start writing with, but all of the other pens wrote nicely on these.  Not a big deal in my mind if a specific pen didnt work on the tabs though because its not like you are writing a novel on the tabs, you can suck it up and just use a different pen to write out the 2-3 words on your tabs and move on.

At the end of the day I think these are great office supplies to have on hand to help you be just a bit more organized.  If you cant get to your local staples to pick these up, Amazon also has them for you here.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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