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Postit Emoji Notes Review


I actually stumbled across these Post-it Emoji Notes shopping at Target today, and I’m a sucker for emoji related stuff sometimes so I had to grab them, but there is much I can do or say regarding a review of Post-it Emoji notes.  If you don’t have a local Target, these were available on Amazon, but the pricing looks kind of crazy, might be because they are out of stock though.

Each of the Post-it Emoji Note are just a hair off 3″ and the package comes with two pads of 30 notes each for a total of 60 notes.  The adhesive part on the back only covers about a 1″ wide strip through the center right behind the bottom of the eyes and the top of the mouth on the regular smiling one for example.  If you want to write on these though, which I wouldn’t think most people would, fountain pens are definitely not an option.  The ink kind of beads up and just smears off.  You will want to stick to regular pens or a pencil with these.  Like I said, hit up your local Target or keep an eye on Amazon to see if they come back in stock and the price changes.  Happy Monday! 😉

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