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Postit Flag+ Permanent Marker Review


Woody with the Post-it Flag Plus Permanent Marker

The Post-it Flag Plus Permanent Marker was an Office Supply Geek impulse purchase that happened while I was checking out what my local Office Depot had to offer. I had never really tried or been a big user of the Post-it flags, however when I saw this, I thought that it was a pretty practical item and I would check it out since it was only about $6 for two of them.  The Post-it Flag+ Permanent Marker  is identified as being an extra fine point, and the compartment on the top holds 50 Post-it flags  with a clear bodies, and white writing surfaces.


Post-it Flag Plus Permanent Marker Close Up of the Extra Fine Point.

The above photo shows a close up of the extra fine point on the Post-it Flag+ Permanent Marker , and the rubberized grip.  I like the grip on this pen, the ridges that circle it are good at helping you keep a firm grip on the pen, but I also like how the thickness goes from being very tick and then tapers down to a thinner center section, and at the very bottom gets slightly thicker.  The way it tapers in and then back out creates a situation where your fingers don’t end up sliding down the grip if you press a little bit harder on the pen which sometimes happens with pens that have a grip that is the same width all the way through.


Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods Jr. showing the Post-it flag notes in use.

I’m using my new copy of Meltdown by Thomas E. Woods Jr. to show the Post-it flags in use, although I didnt actually start reading  the book yet.  Much like any other Post-it brand product I’ve ever used, these flags are very easy to use and re-use without leaving marks or ripping the paper they are put on.  The white writing surface of the flags in combination with the pen provided makes for a very smooth and easy writing experience, and the ink dries within about one second after writing which is really nice.  My only issue with writing on the flags is that the point of the pen is slightly larger than I would like.  It becomes hard to write more than 2-3 words with a point this size, and a writing surface this small.  Now I dont expect to be able to write an entire paragraph or anything on these, but it would be nice if the pens point was a bit smaller because even for someone who naturally writes small, I find my letters and words running together as I try to squeeze them in.

I do have to say that I tried the Post-it Flag Plus Permanent Marker on some other writing surfaces like my Doane Paper, and some Levenger and Rhodia paper and I really like the way it writes…so as long as I am not trying to write on a very tiny Post-it note flag, I enjoy writing with this pen.  Im sure that people who frequently use the Post-it flags would be thrilled with this product, and it would make a great addition to their study or work tools to have on hand.  If anyone is wondering if other pens would write well on the Post-it flags, I did also try writing on them with my Uni-Ball Signo DX .28 and that ink does really well on the flags, and obviously meets my needs in terms of being a much finer point to write with.

If you like the Post-it Flag+ Permanent Marker , be on the look out for my next giveaway because you will have a chance to win one of them.  Otherwise you can always grab some here for yourself.

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