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Postit Flag Permanent Markers with Ultra Fine Points


Post-it Flag Permanent Marker Full Body

I’ve reviewed different versions of these Post-it Flag Permanent Red Markers before, however I was about to do some major reading and research so I wanted to get myself a tool that would be good for notes on my documents, and easily identifying pages, so I figured that this was the answer.


Post-it Flag Permanent Marker with Cap Posted

I’ve always found the grip on these markers to be particularly comfortable due to the soft rubber and raised textured pattern printed on them.  I have however always thought that the posted cap looked a bit silly, kind of like having a child’s hat on the head of an adult.  There is no rule that says you have to post the cap, but I always do and with this pen is just kind of bugs me when I see it.


Post-it Flag Permanent Marker with Red Flags?

Normally I try only to post my own images of the products we review here, however I wanted to point out one thing about this pen that kind of bugged me, but is fixable.  If you notice, the image above from Amazon shows the individual Post-it flags with red tips, while the pen that was actually delivered to me  with white tipped flags.  Not a huge deal since as I said they are replaceable, but I did want the red flags so that they would be easier to notice on the pages that I was flagging.


Post-it Flag Permanent Marker White Tipped Flag

Although I was not planning on using the flags to write on, I did do a quick little test to see how the flags performed with the markers and I was pretty impressed.  The dry time on the flags was pretty much instant, as I was not able to smudge the ink with my fingers no matter how quickly I was able to get to it and try.  Another thing I noticed is that in my WhiteLines Notebook and on things like standard copy paper, the width of the permanent marker line did spread a bit as compared to how it appeared on the less absorbent surface of the flag itself.


Post-it Flag Permanent Red Marker Writing Sample

So far, these Post-it Flag Permanent Red Markers have been really helpful to me while reading through some pretty lengthy and not so exciting files.  I’ve been able to quickly and efficiently mark and later go back and find the information that I was looking for.  In addition to the functionality of these permanent markers with Post-it flags, they also make for a super comfortable writing experience because of their grip and even balance in the hand.  3M also makes a Highlighting Post-it flag pen that is equally as helpful for researching and study needs, and is still one of my favorite highlighters.

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