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PostIt Flip and Fold Notes Cube Review


Post-it Flip and Fold Cube from Above

When I picked up these Post-it Flip and Fold sticky notes, I wasn’t quite sure if there was even a need for them to be in this format, but I figured I’d take  a closer look anyway.  With this offering from 3m Brands, you have Post-it notes that fold over on them self  and let you easily access some standard size and 7/8″ strip sticky notes seems.


Post-it flip and fold cube open

For the blue, green, and yellow 3 inch square Post-it notes that you see in the above Post-it Flip and Fold Notes Cube, you are provided with 50 sheets of each.  For the three colors of 7/8″ strips you also get 50 of each color.  Between the standard size and smaller strips, that works out to be a total of 300 individual Post-it notes.


Post-it flip and fold hinge

The two sides of the Post-it Flip and Fold Notes Cube are connected by a card stock strip of paper that seems to be about the same weight of a standard index card.  This provides 4 different surface areas where each pad can have its own space and lets you pick exactly what color you want to use.  On some other  stacks with multiple colors, you need to peel  through  sheets to get to the color you want and then hopefully reassemble them in a neat and organized manner.


Post it Flip and Fold Closed

In this picture you can see how the Post-It Flip and Fold Notes Cube stands out a bit and even offers some additional style to your desk.  Overall I’m not saying these are a must have, but you can never have too many Post-it notes on hand, and I guess its nice to have a clean and neat stack that lets you easily get at different sizes and colors without messing up the rest of your stack.  Below  is the packaging you should be on the look-out for if you want to grab some of these for yourself.


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