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Postit Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes Review


Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes Package

 This is a short post today.  Not short because the Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes don’t deserve a long write up, but short because they are just what you would expect from this exceptional brand.  The Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes are standard 3 inch by 3 inch sticky notes with one difference from their regular counterparts.  There are many variations that you can buy these in, however this package has 4 colored pads with 25 sheets on each one.


Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes Sticky Area

These Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes have squared off top corners and more subtle rounded bottom corners.  They come in some of the standard colors like pink, blue, yellow and green that you have come to expect from Post-it. The back side of each Post-it note is almost completely covered in the super sticky adhesive excluding a small .375 inch strip at the bottom.  That small strip without the adhesive makes it easy to peel one sheet off from the next.  Although you can’t tell from the photo, the area that you see the writing on is actually the sticky side of the note.  I mention this because on older Post-it notes the adhesive would sometimes make parts of them unwriteable and that is clearly not the case here.

I think that the biggest benefit of having such a large adhesive area on these Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky notes is that you can stick the whole pad on vertical surfaces with no problem.  The extra sticky surface area helps to hold the weight of  a full pad on something like a refrigerator so you can leave quick messages and still have easy access to the entire pad.

I’m glad I grabbed these Post-it Full Adhesive Super Sticky Notes because they are just another great quality 3M Post-it brand product.  The quality and convenience of their products can make any person more organized and productive.

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