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Postit Graph Paper Sticky Notes Reviewed


Post it Graph Paper Sticky Notes Package

Sometimes lots of random searching through Amazon will turn up a great product, and in this case that product would be the Post-it Graph Paper Sticky Note Pads pictured above.  I never really gave thought to graph paper sticky notes but was very happily surprised to see that they exist.


Post it Graph Paper Sticky Notes Front and Back

As shown above, you can see that these 4.9 inch by 5.8 inch Post-it graph paper sticky notes are blank on the back.  Not sure if I’ve ever used, or seen someone use the back of a post it note, so this shouldn’t be an issue.  Although I find these Post-it graph paper sticky notes inexplicably fascinating, I really don’t know what to use them for.  I decided to check out the reviews on Amazon, and one reviewer mentioned something I thought was really clever which was that they use them to stick in their regular notebook when they need to have a graph drawn to compliment their notes.  Other than that these can probably be good for tons of different things, but I will be content to have them in my stash of cool office supplies as one of those “just in case” items.


Post it Graph Paper Sticky Notes Writing Sample

Like any other paper or stationery related item I wanted to try a few different types of writing implements on these to see how they handled the ink, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  I found that some of the toughest inks (fountain pen, and permanent markers) wrote well AND did not bleed through to the next sheet.  Now they do show through to the backside of the original page which is not really an issue since as I said before, I’ve never really seen anyone use the back of a sticky note for anything.


The Post it Graph Paper Sticky Notes with Ballpoint Pen Writing in the Adhesive Area

One thing that is a frequent disappointment with sticky note pads is that the top portion where the sheets stick to each other can sometimes be difficult to write on with a ballpoint pen.  On “lesser” quality sticky notes, ballpoint pens will skip when you write on the very top portion because of the leftover residue.  On these Post-it Graph Paper Sticky Note Pads it is definitely not the case.

These Post-it graph paper sticky notes might not be something that you will use every day, however they are pretty unique and might be a lifesaver for that big study night, important project, or last minute meeting.  Oh and one last thing to note, the entire back of these sheets are not adhesive, just the top 3/4″ or so have the adhesive on them.

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