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Postit Highlighting Flags

Post-it highlighting Flags Package

Impulse purchases can go either way, and with a respected brand like Post-it from 3M, you would usually expect it to be a good experience.  When I saw these Post-it Highlighting Flags (via Amazon), I really didn’t put any thought into the purchase, I just grabbed them and moved on with the rest of my shopping.  Lets take a quick look at how that turned out.

Post-it highlighting Flags on Paper

I recently started doing some studying for a training class for work, so I thought that these Post-it highlighting flags would be ideal to help me mark up the 300+ page training manual without permanently marking it up.  Any logical person that wasn’t an impulse purchaser like myself probably would have read the package where it says that the strips are .47″ wide and realized that most individual lines of text are more narrow than that.  As you can see from the photo above, the Post-it highlighting flags are wide enough to highlight two rows of text, although not nearly long enough to catch the entire row.  I kind of scratch my head wondering how these are really useful for highlighting text.  I mean how often do you need to highlight two rows of about six words that are perpendicular to each other?  Maybe I’m missing something here and being dense, but I really don’t see how these would be helpful for this specific purpose.  Using them to flag specific pages that I highlight with a regular marker is probably a much better use.


Post-it highlighting Flags Ink Lifted

Another downfall of using the Post-it highlighting flags to highlight text (at least with a laser printer) is that they definitely remove some of the text.  Now it didn’t remove enough text to make it unreadable after being lifted up, but they do render the flag much less reusable because if you want to place it over different text its obviously going to conflict with it and make it harder to read.  Overall I’d definitely sign up to use these Post-it highlighting flags like I would for normal Post-it flags, and maye to color coordinate with actual highlighters to mark up text, but as a method to actually highlight something I just don’t think they are an ideal solution.  Feel free to prove me wrong and point out what I’m missing, or just grab some Post-it highlighting flags (via Amazon) to see if you can put them to better use than I did.

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