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PostIt Keyboard Calendar Weekly

It took me a while to figure out where I bought this little Post-it Keyboard calendar because its nearly impossible to find online and it must have been sitting in my drawer for a while before I realized I never shared it here.  Apparently if you check out the product page and “Where to Find it” button on the 3M Post-it site, I must have got it at Target at some point.

For me, I’ve found this to be more useful as a motivational tool rather than straight up planner tool. I definitely have other stuff to do during the week, but the stuff I list on here are either top priorities, things I need motivation to do, or things I’m just otherwise afraid I’ll forget.  Writing on the Post-It Keyboard Calendar went smoothly, no pun intended.  It handled fountain pen ink and everything else quite well, with no issues of bleeding through to the next sheet.  The adhesive on the back holds up great too, I’ve been pulling these on and off my monitor for a few weeks now and they never seem to lose their adhesive quality over the course of the week to 8 days I’m using them.  Each of the boxes measures 1 3/8″ of an inch wide, so not a huge amount of space for details, but enough for a short task name.

These came in a package of one pad with 50 sheets, and each sheet measures 10″x 2.5″ and has a small marble print border, which isn’t my favorite, but I can deal as its not super flashy or noticeable.  I was worried that due to the long length of the sticky area at the top of these that they might curl a bit when peeled off, but impressively enough as long as you peel off somewhat carefully there are no curling issues.  Overall these Post-it Keyboard Calendar sheets are nothing flashy, exotic or complex, and they provide a nice simple reminder and motivational tool to help me get through the week.

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