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Postit Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Review


Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Package

These little Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets by 3M (Buy via Amazon)are a really handy little accessory for your notebook or just about anywhere you don’t mind affixing some 3M sticky adhesive to.  Although the above photo and this review are for the 2 pack of 2 5/8″ x 3 7/8″ version, they come in a few larger sizes as well.


Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Front

Each of the small Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets is made of a fairly sturdy and mostly clear plastic.  They do have a small dot pattern matrix printed on the front as well as a small white rectangular space on the bottom left corner to label whats inside.  Its hard to see that label space in this picture because you can also see the white sticky adhesive tape through the clear plastic which the labels blend into.  The top pocket has a circular Velcro closure that is more of a hard plastic rather than the traditional softer nylon type Velcro.


Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Open

Here you can see that I’ve decided to slip some of my business cards into them and it seems that about 6-8 of mine fit pretty easily although they are on the thicker side, so you can probably fit quite a few more standard business cards in there.  In this picture you can also get a better look at where that label space is on the bottom right corner.  Unfortunately when it came to that label space, I wasn’t able to find a pen that wrote on it without rubbing off really easily so I’m not sure what the best solution is there.  Lucky for me I don’t really have a purpose to label these pockets so I don’t really mind so much.


Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Full

Obviously since business cards fit in the Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets pretty easily, credit cards do as well.  Besides using them for credit cards and business cards though, I think this would be a great solution for keeping receipts for business travel, or even small accessories like Post-it note flags, SD cards, some extra emergency cash or a small handful of paper clips.  The top Velcro closure is very secure, but you would want to be careful to not keep anything too small in these though since its not a 100% completely closed top.


Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Backs

The back side of each Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket has two strips of the Post-it brand double sided foam adhesive strips that are also removable from many surfaces, which is a nice feature.  You will just want to make sure you are placing them on pretty clean surfaces so you can maintain the sticky characteristics of the strips if you plan on moving them around some.  I found that sticking them on the inside of my Levenger Circa Sliver Notebook cover worked out well.  They stuck nicely and also removed and re-positioned nicely without damaging the surface of the inside notebook cover.


Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Attached in Notebook

Here is a quick picture of the Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket attached to the inside of the notebook cover and holding a few of my business cards.  I’m not sure what the best position for them is on a notebook like this where the cover isn’t completely rigid, because if you flip the cover completely around you will definitely notice a lump or bulge when writing.  It probably wouldn’t be an issue though if you are using a hard cover notebook, especially if its one where the cover does not fold over to the back like this.


Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket Notebook Closed

The only real drawback I noticed with the way I was using these was as I alluded above, the positioning can be a bit tricky depending on the style notebook you are using.  As you can see here, with my notebook closed, the Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pocket causes a bit of a lump on the top (right side of the photo) of the cover and the cover now slants a bit upward.  Again this is a minor drawback and there are plenty of other places you can stick these, such as on the outside smooth surface of a laptop, or just about anywhere you want a place to store some small accessories or cards.  The Post-it Mobile Attach and Go Pockets are yet another of those things that are fantastic to have on hand even if you don’t have an immediate use in mind for them at the moment, so stop by Amazon and check them out, and keep in mind there are also bigger sizes (9″x 12″ and 6 7/8′ x 9 7/8″) available for other documents and small items.

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