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Postit Note Wrist Watches and Other Small Updates


Post-it Wrist Watches

Now I don’t know that these Post-it Note Wrist Watches are the most practical things in the world, but I do think they are one of the more creative forms I’ve seen a Post-it Note take.  Unfortunately I probably won’t be ordering any of these Post-it note wrist watches, but I wanted to share with you quickly today for any of you that might be interested in picking some up for yourself.


Stainless Steel Sharpie

The Stainless Steel Sharpie Review has been one of the most popular on the site, so I thought it was worth quickly pointing out that the price has actually been lower than I remember it for quite a while now.  Originally when these first came out, they were in the $7+ range, and now they seem to be hovering in the very low $5 range on Amazon, so its a great time to stock up for the holidays because these make a great stocking-stuffer or handout for small office gifts.


2012 Pac-Man Moleskine Planners

For those of you who loved the limited edition Pac-Man Moleskines, they have now released 2012 versions of the Pac-Man planners, so if you missed the originals, this is a great chance for you to make up for that and get your SUPER Office Supply Geek on.


Extra Small Moleskine Daily Planners

I’ve read some mixed reviews of these Extra Small Moleskine Daily Planners on Amazon, but they are quite a unique little planner, measuring in at only 4.2″x2.6″ and a full 1″ thick.  The feedback on Amazon states that they are kind of difficult to work with because of how thick they are, but that might not stop me from ordering one to try out.  I’m still on the fence but I thought I’d share here today just in case I decide not to (or forget) review them.


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So one of the reasons I’ve shared these other four items with you today was also to give you a bit of insight into the types of things you will find in our email newsletter that we send out one or two times a month.  Besides getting the scoop on some stuff that I might not otherwise review or share on the site, you are also automatically entered for the drawing where one winner is selected each month and gets their choice of one fountain pen, one bottle of ink, and one Rhodia webbie notebook.  It is a great deal that is professionally fufilled by our friends over at Goldspot, and so far our first two winners have been thrilled with their choices and the delivery from Goldspot.  If you like the chance to win free stuff, and you aren’t getting enough of your fill of office supply information here, sign up for the newsletter and see how you like it.  We also use the emails to solicit information and feedback from all of our great readers on things that they would like to see  reviewed in the future, so that is just one more reason to check it out.  Oh, and I should also mention that this month’s winner has not claimed their prize yet, so if you already subscribe you might want to check your in-box to see if you were the winner.

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