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Postit Notes Grip PopUp Dispenser Review


Just looks like an ordinary Post-it notes dispenser, right? Well, not really.

This fairly innocuous looking box of Post-it Notes is part of the Post-it “grip” series that I’ve reviewed in the past they are the Post-it notes Grip Pop-up Dispenser.  Back in April of last year, I took a look at one of the other items in this line, which was the desk set of Post-it flags with the grip, which I thought was really cool and useful.

In addition to being in the fancy grip dispenser, these Post-it notes are also recycled.  They are made up of 100% recycled paper, 30% of which is post-consumer.  The Post-it notes inside the dispenser are the accordion-style that are attached at alternating ends so they dispense properly.  The cool part is the part of the dispenser that you have not seen yet on the bottom of the box.


Post-it Notes Grip Pop-Up Dispenser Base with the Rubber Gripper

On the bottom of the dispenser you see there is a white rubber diaphragm, which is what makes the dispenser stick to any smooth, clean, flat surface.  When you have the need to grab a Post-it note, the grip dispenser box keeps it attached to your desk as you pull one out.  The cool thing about the Post-it grip stuff is that although they attach to a flat surface, they also slide on it without detaching.  You can quickly slide the dispenser to different spots on your desk without it losing its grip on the desk.  Overall the Post-it Notes Grip Pop-up Dispenser is a great little product, as are any of the Post-it products with the grip functionality.

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